HiFi Simulation Reveals Active Sky 2016 and Active Sky Cloud Art Pricing – Released

UPDATE: HiFi have just released AS16 and ASCA! Download now!


HiFi Simulations have today revealed the pricing for Active Sky 2016 and Active Sky Cloud Art.

Alongside other developers, HiFi have now approached P3D as a more ‘premium’ product, and as such, have priced AS16 that way.

AS16 P3D (Full) – EUR 55.99 +VAT

AS16 FSX (Full) – EUR 45.99 +VAT

AS16 P3D (Upgrade) – EUR 36.99 +VAT

AS16 FSX (Upgrdae) – EUR 27.99 +VAT

ASCA  – EUR 18.99 +VAT

As you can see, P3D is now slightly more expensive. However, many of us using Active Sky Next will be able to upgrade at a rather reasonable price.

Release is PENDING, and as soon as it’s out we’ll let you know.

The product page has also been updated alongside some FAQs. This one for me is particularly important;

Will PMDG 737/777, iFly 737, or other aircraft add-ons using ASN Radar API continue to work with AS16?

Yes!  The Active Sky API has been improved but remains fully backward-compatible with all current ASN integration techniques!

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