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Heatblur Simulations F-14 Tomcat Early Access Released

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Heatblur Simulations has released their highly anticipated F-14 Tomcat for DCS World. This release brings a highly accurate rendition of this very popular fighter jet into the flight simulation world.

The feature list of this product is extensive and full of various exciting features. This product comes with both the F-14A and B modelled with the B model currently released and the A to follow soon. The exterior model of this product is superb and has been created using laser scanning and photogrammetry of real, museum F-14s. To go alongside the excellent exterior model is a highly accurate cockpit which also was created using photogrammetry of real F-14s. Along with these features, this product also includes a number of other excellent features which include a highly accurate flight model along with the modelling of various different weapon systems. The full feature list can be found below.

This early access version of the Heatblur F-14 is available for a price of $79.99 from the DCS World store as well as the Heatblur store where a 2 license version can also be purchased for a price of $149.98. It should be noted that this product isn’t compatible with steam. All the various recommended system specifications and early access notes can also be found on the product page for the F-14.

It’s great to see more of these highly anticipated products coming out for the DCS platform and don’t forget to check back at FSElite for more DCS news!

Feature list:

  • Simulation of both the A and B models of the Tomcat. The A model will follow the B later during the Early Access period.
  • A highly-detailed external model that has been built using laser scanning and photogrammetry taken of real, museum F-14 Tomcats.
  • New models for several F-14 Tomcat payloads that includes the AIM-54 Phoenix and the LANTIRN pod.
  • Incredibly-detailed and accurate 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) cockpit that was also built using photogrammetry from museum F-14 Tomcats.
  • An advanced flight model that will continue to be tuned to provide the most accurate F-14 flight model simulation possible.
  • Accurate aircraft systems simulation featuring:
    • The Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS).
    • The variable wing geometry, wing-sweep system.
    • Detailed electrical, hydraulic, and fuel systems.
  • Cooperative multiplayer that allows one player in the front seat to play as the pilot and one in the back seat to act as the Radar Intercept Officer, RIO.
  • “JESTER” AI: A new, lifelike AI that fills the role of RIO when flying in single-player or multiplayer mods without a human RIO.
  • A limited-functionality “Iceman” AI that pilots the aircraft in single-player mode when you are in the rear seat acting as the RIO.
  • Both AIs feature an interactive interface with a comprehensive library of voice-acted phrases.
  • Simulation of the AN/AWG-9 Weapons Control System (WCS), featuring:
    • A custom model of the AN/AWG-9 radar featuring Pulse Search, Pulse Doppler Search, Range-While-Scan and Track-While-Scan modes as well as both pulse and pulse doppler Single Target Track (STT) modes.
    • The ability to prepare and launch the AIM-54 Phoenix at single targets and at up to six targets simultaneously using the TWS mode.
    • The Television Camera Set (TCS) allowing visual identification of targets in Beyond Visual Range (BVR) situations.
    • The Link-4 datalink allowing reception of tracks from an E-2 AWACS or a surface unit.
  • The complete F-14A and B Tomcat payload, including AIM-7, AIM-9 and AIM-54 air to air missiles, various unguided- and guided-bombs and rockets, and the M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon.
  • A functional simulation of the LANTIRN target designator pod, allowing the RIO to guide laser-guided munitions dropped by the pilot or other aircraft (buddy-lasing).
  • The Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System (TARPS), allowing the player to fulfil the aerial photographic reconnaissance mission. *
  • Fully-functional carrier interoperability that features Instrument Carrier Landing System (ICLS) and the Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS).
  • Comprehensive digital manual, both as a PDF and as a continually-updated online manual.
  • A complete set of interactive and voiced tutorials.
  • Comprehensive campaigns for both the F-14A and F-14B Tomcat; one will be set in the Caucasus theatre and the other will be in the Persian Gulf theatre.
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