Haze Gray Studios – Global AI Traffic Pack: US Navy Preview

Haze Gray Studios was a developer I stumbled over yesterday that develops different kinds of ships and submarines for both FSX and P3D. Some can be landed on with only helicopters and some other carriers with fighter jets etc, all in all it’s a real fun and great package for those virtual pilots who adores to simulate being part of a US Navy.

Haze Gray Studios include FSX missions only that are created by a retired naval officer so expect lots of realism. No matter where you fly you should be able to find a USN vessel as they are adding routes for these ships to sail around the globe. More info comes with spreadsheets, user guides as well as Google Earth maps etc, these guys are thorough.


Haze Gray Studios just announced on Facebook that they are updating this package to P3D V4 64bit.

There is also a civilian/merchant ships – Global AI Traffic Pack that I made another article about earlier if you are more into merchant ships or want both installed for perfect realism.

For more information head over to Helisimmer website as well as Haze Gray own website plus their Facebook. And of course also FSElite for very latest news about releases and announcements. No release date is yet announced so keep your eyes open for a release post here at FSElite for it.

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