UPDATED: Guide to Install Ultimate Traffic Live on P3D V4



Since we put this guide together, FlightOne have released an installer for the latest version. That can be found here:

According to the forums, you will need to reinstall the product again, and ensure you use your Flight1 account details. Included in this new update is new schedule data for Summer 2017 and it works natively with P3D V4. If you use version 2 of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D, then sadly, support for this has been dropped.

In the mean time, Flight1 have also provided a road map about what they plan to update next with the new AI tool. It’s listed in ‘approximate’ order:

Feature Requests

Additional Bug fixes (we will edit the original post to reflect progress)

Power Pack

New Liveries

Mip-Map all liveries

Make sure you check out the forums for further information.

Don’t forget, you can read our first impressions article here.

– Original article on June 1st 2017 – 

We at FSElite have worked out how to install the AI-traffic add on UT Live to our new P3D V4 64bit simulator. Just follow this guide below and it will work for you. Enjoy!

If you don’t have UT Live you can find out more about it in one of our previous posts here where you both purchase and download it.

I have based my guide on this website forum and all I have done is simplified it to make it much easier for everyone to understand.

Simobjects.cfg add this below and change it to your own path, then copy Simobjects.xml to root P3D V4 folder.

Title=utLive Aircraft
Path=D:\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utLive Aircraft [ENSURE THIS IS THE CORRECT PATH ON YOUR MACHINE]

Open exe.xml, add this below and then make sure you change it to your own path.

<Name>utLive fs client</Name>
<Path>D:\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utl_client.exe</Path> [ENSURE THIS IS THE CORRECT PATH ON YOUR MACHINE]

For more releases and announcements head over to FSElite.

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    1. I believe you will find it in C/ ProgramData /Lockheed Martin /Prepar3Dv4

      Let us know

    2. There is no “Simobjects.xml” it should be the cfg file copied to the P3D v4 root folder

  1. Do you do this before or after installation of UT live…. I’m assuming before because UT live is not finding p3d v4 on install

  2. I did everything mentioned in the directions above and it doesn’t work. I have used Prepar3d for two years and am no stranger to tweaks in the .cfg files, etc. I launch P3d v4 no problem. I launch UTLive, no problem. I start UTLive, no problem. But nothing changes in P3d v4. I honestly don’t understand how anyone is installing this and making it work. :\

  3. Hi,

    Could you please help ud , that cany get UTL Live to work,
    Y trieyd to do what was written , bur still get this Error

    “””””. UTL client stopped work, program clossing down”””””

    Please fix this, ore give us a path or files to download ,,,,



  4. Don’t follow the instructions above. The instructions above was valid for previous versions of UTL before it got support for P3Dv4 (e.g. version 1.18). However the (at the time of writing this) the current version 1.23 have native support for P3Dv4.

    In stead go to the UTL forum and locate the following posting. Scroll down and read the instructions/see the screenshots that forum user ScottecLEMD has posted, detailing how to install it:

    1. Correct, hence why we updated the post with the link to the more up to date version.



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