GSX Version 2.8 Released (Free Update)

FSDreamTeam has issued a brand new update for the popular GSX software for FSX and P3D. The new version, version 2.8, adds many new features such as Quick Pushback, which will help users with a more accurate push back from their gate at the airport and also other improvements to the nodes.

In the video above, the developer highlights many of the new features included and how users can implement them via their simulators. To get the perfect curve, nodes can now be adjusted individually and also based on specific headings. You can now make almost all variations of shapes to ensure you have the most realistic push back possible.

Along with the new node system, you can now have multiple pushback slots from your GSX in-sim menu. No longer will you be constrained to LEFT/RIGHT, but now you can add as many as you like based on your own push back designs. You can then have GSX autoname them or customise it yourself. To make things easier, the new update also includes the ability to “mirror” the custom push backs so that both directions can be added with minimal effort.

Finally, the other big change is the integration with the new SODE VDGS product that was released recently. With GSX, no customisation is needed and you can simply select the new SODE system directly from the GSX menu.

The update is available now free of charge via the FSDreamTeam updater tool.

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