GSX Level 2 Possible Release Date and Additional Expansions

GSX Level 2 is an expansion pack coming to the popular GSX add-on by developer FSDreamTeam. Announced back at FSExpo 2018, the new expansion pack will bring fully animated 3D passengers to our simulators. Furthermore, the expansion will turn every non-SODE jetway within the sim, to be compatible with the popular in-sim engine. This means, jetways will dock accurately to your aircraft, enable more information to be displayed on them and the option to have dual jetways attached to your aircraft. This means every airport, regardless of how it was developed, will be compatible with GSX Level 2.

Following on from our article and the original announcement, some new details have been uncovered on the FSDreamTeam forums.

Whilst we have known that September was a likely release for the product, one of our readers emailed us to share a forum thread which seemed to point out that release could be very soon.  Umberto, FSDreamTeam developer, stated “that it will probably be out in a week or so.” This is providing that beta testing goes well.

Further to that, we also uncovered some additional information. Just like other add-ons, there will be a trial version available for simmers.

What is exciting is that this is not the only GSX expansion pack on the horizon. When asked about other possible additions to the package, Umberto fed back to the community that they’ll “likely” have other expansions, including a military themed one. However, before that happens, there will a GSX expansion specifically designed for General Aviation (GA) – which was confirmed to come first.

We’ll continue to search for additional information and of course keep you updated with any set-in-stone release dates for GSX Level 2.

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