Global AI Ships Traffic Update


Global AI Ships has received an update which has added several new ships and boats

On an AVSIM forum post, Henrik Nielsen has released a major update for his Global AI Ships Traffic package which adds over 1100 new ships and routes throughout the entire world. This package includes cruise ships, frigates, oil tankers, fishing boats, military vessels, icebreakers and so many more. Certain vessels with an “H” places on it, you are able to land a helicopter on them. There is no info on whether or not you are able to land on aircraft carriers with naval aircraft.

Henrik Nielsen and his team of modelers have been hard at work to bring this large update to the public. Reports on the AVSIM forum state that performance is relatively good. If the AI ships slide is set to 5%, then you will still be able to see a good amount of AI watercraft around you. It is based on a radius where you see the ships around you. Raising the slider does not affect the number of vessels around that you see. All major ports around the world are included. From Vancouver to St. Petersburg and everything in between.

You can download this new update for Global AI Ships Traffic from You can also read the release notes and forum post on the AVSIM Forums. There, you can give feedback and stay up to date with news from the developers and view previews on new updates. This update is available for all versions of FSX and P3D

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