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Next Flight Sim World Update coming this week

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Dovetail Games is gearing up to langue the next update to Flight Sim World. This one “is all about bringing the community together.” Said Cryss Roxas Leonhart in a Forum post today. The update is going to bring Steam’s Workshop functionality to Flight Sim World. As well as improvements to the lighting engine, and localization fixes.

Steam Workshop

The new update will bring Steams Workshop functionality to Flight Sim World. Allowing everyone who owns the game to share missions they have made using the Pro Mission Editor. For those not in the know, Steams Workshop is a feature that allows the sharing of Mods in an easy and convenient way. Looking at one of my personal favorite games Cities Skylines , Go to the Workshop page for the game you will see a lot of mods available. You can sort through them by Most Popular, Most Recent, and Most Subscribed. Now the subscribed thing is really neat, That’s how you install mods with the Workshop. You subscribe to them, and any updates made to them are automatically downloaded for you. To Uninstall a particular Mod (Or mission in the case of Flight Sim World) Simply unsubscribe it, and its gone.

When the Update goes live you will be able to Publish missions to the Workshop from the mission editor. Others can then download your mission. They may also Up-vote or Down-vote the mission, Share it on Social media websites, Favorite it, or add it to a collection. They can also comment on it giving the creator feedback on where to make improvements. You can also link to a particular mod, say if someone on YouTube somewhere asked what mission you were flying in a video you made. No need to tell them the website and what to search for, Just link to the mission directly. If and when they log into steam they can click subscribe and it is downloaded next time they start the Steam client. That works from the Steam Website or from the Client.


In addition to the Workshop the update will also have a significant update to lighting. They are “revising the Light Scattering model,” and “Rebalancing terrain lighting across the scene.” Unfortunitly Dovetail did not post to much other than that about the changes to the Lighting. Claiming “it’s a little difficult to explain in bullet points.” They were however kind enough to have some comparison photos ready. You can see them below.

Last but not Least

“Localisation fixes across the title.”

And that’s it for this update. As of right now the Update is not live yet. But Dovetail said they will let us know when it goes up, Presumably that will be sometime this week. In the mean time Dovetail reminds everyone they have a Tutorial for the Pro Mission Editor on the YouTube Channel for Flight Sim World. If you own Flight Sim World and haven’t made missions for it yet, Now would be a good time to start.


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