FSW Dynamic Weather Update Now Available

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It has been less than a day since we reported that Dovetail’s dynamic weather update was coming with its  highly anticipated features, and now it has ,at long last, been released!

I’ll skip the rundown of all the update brings to the table, which you can read here, and just get to the relevant information pertaining to this release.

The update should have already been installed into FSW via Steam’s updating system, but if hasn’t then a few clicks and you’re set! Dynamic weather can be enabled in the Free Flight menu in the Weather Settings tab, it’ll be the option named Dynamic Weather.

Lastly, Dovetail would  like to reiterate that Dynamic Weather is not finished. This is just version 1, with limitations such as the conditions not being visible from a distance. You can indeed see the weather developing, but it will develop around you with no  weather fronts being present. Version 1 is all about preparing FSW’s engine and their own Advanced Weather engine for the implementation of live weather. Their end goal is to visualize multiple weather types in the same session, so there are menacing weather fronts to avoid.

That’s all for now, but we’re really looking forward to where Dovetail is headed with their weather implementation in Flight Sim World!

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