FSLabs Updates Airbus A319-X/A320-X/A321-X

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Aircraft developer FSLabs has updated their entire Airbus fleet to version bringing full compatibility to their A319-X for P3Dv5.

In a post on their company forum, FSLabs founder Lefteris Kalamaras announced that they have made substantial improvements to their Airbus fleet as well as making their A319-X fully compatible with Prepar3d version 5. 

The A319-X has received improvements including tuned dynamic lighting, PBR texture treatments to the entire external model as well as other cosmetic fixes to bring the aircraft in line with current P3D v5 standards. This update will mean that the older liveries will no longer be compatible with the aircraft and will need to be re-downloaded.

The entire Airbus fleet has seen system code fixes including S8-related FMGC PERF To and AC STATUS pages, FADEC manual start crank logic as well as updates to external lighting for P3Dv4 users among others.

Users of the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Sidestick and Throttle Quadrant will now experience auto-configuration with all buttons and inputs being fully configured to its logical simulator counterpart which will save lots of time calibrating the inputs, although you will have to calibrate the thrust levers once.  When the third and final releases of the TCA range is released, speed brake and flap level extension, these too will be fully configured automatically. 

FSLabs has worked closely with FSDreamTeam to bring better integration with its new Ground Power Unit. This update comes with ongoing improvement from FSDT to facilitate the requirements from FSLabs. Users will now have the ability to call the GPU from the GSX menu within the aircraft. Eventually, we will see the full integration of the GPU and the electrical systems as the progression from FSDT occurs.

Moving away from their Airbus fleet, Kalamaras commented that the development of their Concorde-X has resumed and that the aircraft will initially be released for Prepar3D v4/v5 using the latest SDK and modelling techniques for the platform. With no comment on a potential release date, FSLabs expect to provide the community with more information in the near future.

In a final comment, Kalamaras told the community that although FSLabs does not intend to provide MSFS users with their aircraft in the near future, they have experienced a close collaboration with Asobo and Microsoft. FSLabs’ intention is to wait for further developments to MSFS and its Software Development Kit because it does not currently support high-fidelity third party products such as those from FSLabs. The focus for the team will, for now, be strongly on Prepar3D. 

If you would like to purchase the FSLabs A320-X family of aircraft, head on over to the FSLabs store.

Changelog v5.0.1.114

  • Various updates and fixes to takeoff performance system
  • Logic update to immediately sync PFD/ND on return to internal views
  • STALL STALL added to PFD messages
  • Updates for V4 external lighting
  • Added GPU smoke effect
  • Fix for manual start crank logic
  • GSX Services integration improved
  • GPU now callable
  • Now allows keyboard as well as joystick button inputs to be set
  • Auto-configuration for Thrustmaster Airbus hardware
  • Perf TO page S8 updates
  • AC Status S8 updates
  • Inhibited PERF APPR page insertion below 700R
  • Inhibited RADNAV ILS data below 700R and not on the ground
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