FSLabs Update the A320-X for P3DV4

FSL A320 V4 VC 8

The release of the FSLabs A320-X for P3DV4 was just a few days ago, but the team have worked hard on fixing a few issues some users were having as well as catching additional bugs post-release.

Version fixes or changes include: flap and gear sounds added, a few missing shadows were fixed as well as a few lights disappearing when switching full screen to window mode from the virtual cockpit and spool times for the CFM engines changed slightly.

The whole list is documented below, courtesy of Lefteris on the forums.

You can download the update from the redownload section of their website. If you purchase and download after October 18th, then it will already be up to date.

The list of fixes / improvements in this update are the following:

– Sanity Check for administrative privileges and malformed registry added

Virtual Cockpit
– Fixed missing shadows
– Gap in floor on captain’s side removed
– Fixed FCU / EFIS / ECP lights disappearing when switching from full screen to window mode and back

– FM:
– GA Perf page logic fixes
– FG:
– Mode reversions / armed mode fixes when SRS active
– Path controller now uses GS instead of TAS for current FPA reference

– Flap drag sounds added
– Gear wind sounds added
– Environment sound volumes improved inside cabin
– CFM Engine rumble added
– CFM Engine sounds tuned

Friction model
– Oil-treated runway now considered asphalt

– Disconnect button message restored

– AoA sensitivity simulation logic improved

– Brake disc temperature logic tweaked

– Possible crash bug identified and fixed

– CFM spool times reduced slightly

– Fix for door disarm during taxi

– CFM cone / disc animation timings tweaked

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I didn’t know small kids were already playing with simulators, but from what I’m reading here it’s obviously the case 😉

It’s true study-level aircraft are more demanding, especially an Airbus with all the complex computerized systems. It’s really down to what experience you desire and at what cost. There is no denying the FSL add-on is much more detailed in its graphics, model and systems, whereas the Aerosoft is more casual and cheaper. So for anyone who just wants to quickly be in the air and admire the view, perhaps the Aerosoft’s add-on is a good compromise. But for anyone looking for a training tool, or just an in-depth experience, it can only be a disappointment.

I wasn’t aware you are all airbus 320 pilots using this as a training tool that is approved by your airline and local examination authority. kek.. nerds man nerds

You are a real dumb shit! Lol . I have zero remorse this aircraft works flawlessly with my 6700k and 1080ti machine. You are a true dumb ass…. good bye

fanboy got upset he got smacked with the truth. its ok. 1080ti is something impressive? son you should have spent those money towards a better rig. your shit is already 1 year past its fresh date, just like any FSL patch so I guess that fits

AS is already better visually than the FSL… and talking about the 2014 release. the one that is upcoming FSL cannot touch; they do not have the skills.

the difference between pmdg and fsl is pmdg can make something that works. fsl cannot. if pmdg released products in the state fsl does, they would be called captainsim.

again, sorry you have buyers remorse and need to talk about how much money you spent = something better. clearly not.

Aerosoft airbus = poor mans airbus.

PMDG,FSL, separates the men from the boys. You must be one of those clowns still using FSX. Lol

You get what you pay for. There is no way in hell a $60 airbus is gonna offer what is currently available from FSL quality wise. Aerosoft stated it will not be a study sim. So basically a toy.

People are constantly complaining about the price of aircraft is ridiculous. FSL is within $25 of any full release from PMDG. Flightsim is a expensive hobby no doubt. Bottom line is if it’s too much for you to take get the hell out…

FSL A320 will blow anything aerosoft brings to the table out of the water. As far as people complaining about performance and frame rates. The simple answer is you need a very powerful computer. I have no issues with this aircraft. The problem with dynamic lighting is a LM problem not FSL.

lol sounds like you are trying to convince yourself, not us. enjoy an inferior product. “very powerful computer” is a codeword for unoptimized resource hog, just to let you know. have fun tho

reynaldo duarte

I installed this version but the FPS drop down dramatically. I went from 50 fps full setting to 7 fps with low P3d settings. I wonder they will have to work upon it again

keep thinking that….

No competition between aerosoft and FSLabs……….

Gap in floor on captain’s side removed

^^^ wow. only took them 2 years!!! to fix 1 gap. that we all have been telling them and showing them with photos in like 400 different threads… . im guessing they are feeling the heat from AS. good. competition is good.