FSLabs Releases A320X for P3D

FSLabs have finally released to the world their highly anticipated A320X for Prepar3d. Despite a few bumps along the way, the team have finally allowed people to try out their fantastic rendition of the popular aircraft.

You can buy it now for just $139.95 excluding VAT, or if you purchased the FSX version, you can upgrade for just $39.95 (also excluding VAT) more.

We’ll have lots of coverage for the great piece of kit. There’s already some great videos online, but we’ll be sure to present even more in the future.

Let us know how you feel about the price or the product in our comment section below.


  • Mehmet Ulusoy

    20th January 2017

    Thanks for the great website, really. Been folowing it recently and really loved it: design, news, reviews, grading, being up-to-date..

    But.. “You can buy it now for just $139.95 excluding VAT,..”

    Just?? Why are you trying to make it look like it is cheap? How much would be enough for you not to say “just”? 200? 140 dollars is pretty much above the standard, however if you think it well worths its price then put it that way… I think “just” is misleading people here.

    So, I think you have already figured out what I think about the price 😀

    • Calum Martin

      20th January 2017

      Thanks for the comment.

      Pricing is such a delicate subject which we covered in a featured article.

      We’ll be providing some in depth articles over the coming weeks and months explaining why I -personally- think it’s good value. I know $140 is a LOT of money, so hopefully I can help mitigate a lot of this perception into a more relative prospective.

      Thanks again and any feedback let me know.

  • Luis

    20th January 2017

    Really!!!!!??? I was waiting for this one… I´ll keep waiting…
    I was expecting sort of $90ish, at least no more than NGX.
    Btw keep up the good work FSElite!

  • Raphael

    20th January 2017

    Too mutch….. not even other experienced enterprise never in this life.

    Why would you spend 140 usd taking in condideration a first time release and the fact that “there are other options” that you probably own?

  • Sean Barton

    20th January 2017

    Nice comment. Go fly a freeware aircraft then. Nobody is making you buy the FSL A320…..you probably still fly on FS9…..

  • Willie

    22nd January 2017

    Based on the reviews, looks like a good product, but what I dont understand is How come the full simulator softwares in the market cost much less than a single plane will use their platform? Weird,,,,

  • Carlos

    22nd January 2017

    I was eager to buy this product for P3D as soon as it was released . How disappointed I am to see how overpriced it is, so my buying plans have been postponed indefinitely. I’d rather buy the newly released PMDG 747 for P3D with 50% off its regular price on launching day, that is, $40 dollars.
    FSLabs is dead wrong on its pricing policy. As I understand, this isn’t even the professional version; I don’t even want to know how much that one will cost.
    As a customer, I think this issue requires revision. In my opinion, there is little chance of success for this ptoduct if FSLabs keeps its current commercial strategy.


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