FSLabs Releases A320-X For Prepar3D V4

Fslabs A320x Review Fselite 2

After months of waiting and anticipation, FSLabs has released their A320-X for Prepar3D V4. The new version of the A320-X includes more than just 64-bit compatibility for the professional sim.

Version provides all new textures, sounds, fixes and features that will enhance your Airbus flying further than ever before. You can read the full list of changes here.

Lefteris wrote on the forums a few notes that you’ll need to be aware of.

First things first, if you already purchased the A320-X for Prepar3D V3, then the 64-bit version will be available free of charge. You’ll just need to provide your purchase details when ordering.

With the sim now in 64-bit you will need a new version of FSL Spotlights which is only compatible with P3DV4. You’ll be able to have dynamic lighting in the virtual cockpit as well as on the external model.

If you’re still using FSX or P3Dv3, then you can expect some of the changes and fixes to be rolled out to your versions soon enough. Some things like the higher definition textures and sound system won’t be coming due to the constraints of 32-bit. Going forward, FSLabs will release Service pack 1 for both 32 and 64-bit sims, but expect that will be the last update for the older sims.

Finally, those who are awaiting home cockpit functionality and the professional version, the team wants to reassure you that it’s coming and that they have been demonstrating it during various flight sim shows.

For now, make sure you go ahead and download the A320-X now from your account and enjoy the plane in glorious 64-bits. We can’t wait to see your screenshots.

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You may read their forums but do you own and use the product? A lot of the issues people raise are down to not following the manual (apart from the DRM issue, that fortunately i haven’t encountered) the installation and setup is quite different to other addons with 2 seperate installers but so long as you RTFM there’s no issues. There were missing features in the 32bit version but they were well documented. All in all it’s a tremendous effort by a small and dedicated team.

i do the original fsx release and have since long removed it, mainly because i removed the nasty cuatl (and i own gsx too) off my new install. never again.. actually i got upset at them for abandoning the concorde… which needs a rehash so badly.

now, why arent you talking about the plane randomly stalling @ flight? (this has happened to me and many other people, a few times on LIVE STREAMS so you cant say nothing about it not existing) or ap disconnecting whenever there is any turbulence.. or the AP being unable to deal with any weather in general? you do remember the official stance is “our amazing product is not compatible with weather aka activesky and you should turn it off when flying our amazing product because our amazing product only works with itself and we are so amazing we cant be bothered to do anything about it”

so please stop there. bottom line is the product is great in a controlled environment but other than that, it falls short in many areas. if you want to sit on the ground and press buttons go for it, its great at that. i happen to enjoy flying my fake pixel planes. not doing a 4 hour preflight (that doesnt take place in real life either). complexity is fine if it doesnt detract from the use. however FSL cannot figure that out… their complexity gets in the way of the usage of the product (resources, visuals, above mentioned weather issue etc). that’s a problem.

The FSL A320 does not have a ton of bugs. It’s one of the most polished products released for FSX/P3D. The level of immersion is immense. VAS usage is no longer a considerarion as we’re in a 64bit environment. Yes I don’t use all the features available but the FM is leaps and bounds ahead of aerosoft. The cost is high but is comparable to the PMDG T7 base pack. For those still on FSX/P3Dv3 you do have to compromise on scenery settings but at 35000ft what difference does it make? If you want the most in depth simulation of an airliner available outside of professional full motion sims then the FSL A320 is worth every penny. If you want a simplified a-b Airbus giving a taste of the systems then stick with the Aerosoft. The choice is yours.

not a ton of bugs? dude… come on… I do read their forums you know. it makes all the difference when you have to land and take off .that’s the difference it makes..

The only thing I’m going to say is why do you buy PMDG if iFly is cheaper? Only “nerds” buy PMDG right? Majestic? How about that VirtualCol Q400? Cheaper and only “nerds” would use the features of the Majestic right? Read the changelog, it’s massive and you’ll quickly see that they’ve added a ton of new stuff, not just 2nd flight plan. AS A320 didn’t have the 318/319 available for free, it was a separate pack. One got you the 320/321 and one got you the 318. The FSL A319 and A321 won’t be anywhere near the price of the A320, only a fraction of the cost. Do any of you even own the aircraft? If you did then you’d see how great it is. It’s $140 U.S which will translate into your home currency. 200 AUD still equals around $140 so complain to your government about how your inflation causes things to be insanely expensive, not FSL who DON’T CONTROL THE CURRENCY. AS to FSL is like a Yugo to a Mercedes. Sure the Yugo will get you where you want to go, but the Mercedes will get you here in style hassle-free.

Please illustrate what of those amazing features of the majestic dash and fsl airbus you use regularly? you use none but just preach nonsense. the aerosoft works, looks great, doesnt have a shitton of bugs and is 1/3 the price nor does it need 4gb vas for the plane alone…

its basically everything an addon should be. so before you try to talk shit explain whats better on the fsl for 99% of the users 99% of the time…

both addons have their bugs but one is clearly more streamlined than the other. and it doesnt have retarded DRM (the hell with cuatl and whatever else they shove down your system)

200? its 140 and visually no its not better than insert any other major production here. the ugly side windows are still there as are the artifacts around the side pillar modeling.

its only worth the price if you want to do stupid shit like failures and other nerd stuff. 99% of the buyers never use any of those features but they are elitists so they want to pretend they do.

this update is mainly fixing system bugs, copyright protection changes (since their first attempt was broken quite fast) and finally implementing the 2nd flight plan. which is honestly the only actual new feature they have added.

you decide.. id wait for the aerosoft unless you are a nerd or want to spend stupid money or you actually you will use all that jambo in there in your sim flights (cant think of a reason for that but whatever)

right but thats why we use the USD as the $ value. imagine converting it to hong kong dollars.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

AUD is down in the gutter and i like it. cheap deals on orbx cause they insist on using that currency 🙂

also i forgot since i cant edit previous comments to add, thanks for the heads up, and i wasnt going to buy it in the first place, it was just to see who else actually would buy this expensive jet, that even doesnt have a 318/19 extension for free…

dude, in my currency its 200, im aud, thats usd…shouldve been more specific, not everyones american/;

dafuq $200, is it better then pmdg for that price? who would say so!

Proud new owner 🙂

Did you have to re-install Prepar3d V4.1 from scratch? Also, how is performance?