FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated To v2.0.2.424

2019 9 22 21 54 21 408

FSLabs announced today in their forums they had updated their Airbus series aircraft to version The past two months have seen a continuous roll of updates on their aircraft, preparing the grounds of fixing once for all the legacy products before an eventual A321-X release.

Among other minor corrections, this update aims at fixing the random pitch up that would occur upon landing for some users, and several modifications to the sounds of both CFM and IAE engines.

The update is available through the usual redownload site of FSLabs.

If you don’t already own the FlightSimLabs A320-X ($139,95 Excl. VAT) and A319-X ($39,95 Excl. VAT), both are available exclusively at the FSLabs store.

v2.0.2.424 changelog

Additional VATSIM json data now parsed
Pushover print monospace font now used
Hoppie timeout issue fix

Fix for flight phase BNR logic

Fix for FCDC channel input logic to PFDs

Fix for THS rate during roll
Stick input to stick neutral transition smoothening

External model
Passenger windows texture fix
outflow valve hinge texture fix

Prediction logic fix for descent segment

Fixed logic when not using GSX for boarding

Fixed ventilation inlet logic control

PTU logic minor fix

Fix for dual hyd failures extension/retraction logic

Replaced high-power engine cockpit sounds with new high-definition recordings.
Added underlying bass on buzzsaw which becomes more prominent in climb
Reduced bass on cockpit sounds at engine idle
Cabin engine sounds adjust with altitude correctly
Cabin sounds for initial engine start improved
Cabin sounds for engine idle reworked

Remastered our origional HD recordings for all cockpit engine running sounds, resulting in a very authentic soundset for the V2500

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