FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated to v2.0.2.415

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974

In a forum post, Flight Sim Labs has announced that they’ve pushed out an update for their well-known A320-X and A319-X add-ons.

Version brings along some significant changes such as fixes and improvements throughout the product line with the most notable being a complete redesign and overhaul of the Elevator and Aileron Computer (ELAC). Of course, not to mention, this version also brings compatibility with the latest version of Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 2.

This version with the new ELAC system implemented was featured in the aircraft featured at the FSLabs stand at Cosford earlier this month. FSLabs reported that their audience considered it a major improvement over previous versions.

To get a hold of this update, you can download the latest installer from the Flight Sim Labs redownload page here.

If you don’t already own the FlightSimLabs A320-X ($139,95 Excl. VAT) or A319-X ($39,95 Excl. VAT), you can grab ahold of them over at the Flight Sim Labs store.


Compatibility update with Prepar3D v4.5.13.32097

Crash bug fix under certain conditions with FSLSounds.dll

RMP logic improvements
Several updates

Brake temp and strength tuning

Display Units
ND wind arrow now appears at 2kts

ELAC redesign (detailed change log below)

Fix for wing lights flashing

External model
Landing Gear updated
(A319 only) – left spoiler skin animation fix
(A319 only) – right wing fairing and main gear door skin animations fix

Fix for several procedure listings
AP Pitch authority logic fix
FMP Transition logic fix
Managed descent on profile low bracket target fix

Wheel frictions now variant-dependent and allows MinGW/MaxGW interpolation for coefficients

Various integration logic fixes
Fix for GSX freezing during refuel with APU

box drawing not clearing properly fixed
rounding error fix for fuel entries
User Options: TLA Gates now remember REV ON STICK

Fix for FMA ATHR modes redraw issue

Fix for payload station logic

Deboarding PA logic fix
Further tweaks for packs, APU and Hyd Pumps
IAE engine and elec sound adjustments
Save/reload P3D volumes logic improvement
CFM engine sounds updates
Electrics sounds updates

Virtual cockpit
Captain window dirt texture fix
Bug splat infrastructure improvements


Specific changelog for the ELAC redesign

Completely Redesigned
Stick input logic.
Flare logic.
Flaps ballooning effect.
Pitch limits protection logic.
G limits protection logic.

Command to elevators.
Flaps ballooning effect.
Autoland flare logic.
Flight Directors.

Partly Redesigned
High Angle of Attack protection.
High-speed protection.
THS inop (G+Y SYS LO PR) alternate law logic.

Autoflight G authority/limits handling.

On ground elevator authority reduced from 30 to 20 degrees.
THS Freeze missing conditions added.
THS limit missing conditions added.
Improved turbulence handling.
High Angle of Attack protection, triggering AoA missing data added.
Low energy warning (SPEED SPEED SPEED) sensitivity tuning.
Erratic THS behavior when exiting slew mode fixed.
Fully managed descend, on profile, speed target set to lower bracket.
THS inop also in manual trimming in case of (G+Y SYS LO PR).
Autotrim inhibited in Mechanical backup law.

Low energy warning (SPEED SPEED SPEED) sensitivity tuning.
Improved turbulence handling.
More stabilized conditions after exiting slew mode.
Fully managed descend, on profile, speed target set to lower bracket.

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