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FSimStudios announced Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) a few weeks ago now and have just posted some Work-In-Progress screenshots of 2 builds on the airfield. And by the looks of how detailed these are, FSimStudios truly is pulling out all the stops on this one.

The first previews directed here are of that of the new airport operations building adjacent to the de-icing pad. This is where all fire trucks are stationed, heavy equipment mechanics, and many more. This new AOB (Airside Operating Building) also houses many key people to the airport and helps the airport run smoothly and safely.

These previews are of the Vancouver Signature FBO (Flight Operation Building) and the Million Air hangar. This is where the top 1% fly in and out of with their private jets and other smaller GA (General Aviation) aircraft. Many private jets fly in and out of here bringing the famous and rich into the city. But good thing this is a simulator and we can buy a private jet to fly around for less than 90 million dollars.

No other notes have been released as of yet, but rest assured because you can find the latest on the development of Vancouver (CYVR) on the FSimStudios Facebook Page. Head over there and give them some love.

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