FSimStudios Release Update Regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator


Its been a couple of months since we last heard from FSimStudios regarding their development process, and what FsimStudios has posted isn’t a development update as much as plans for their current products and upcoming projects.  With the very exciting news regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and its upcoming release date, many developers are working hard to make sure their add-ons will be ready to go as soon as possible. FSimStudios posted their road map for their plans for this fast approaching platform.

Regarding their Vancouver (CYVR) project, it is still on course for their planned August released for both P3Dv4 and v5, but regarding MSFS2020, there is no solid timeline for when Vancouver airport will be released for the new simulator. FSimStudios have not given an actual dedicated release date or a price for Vancouver International Airport (CYVR). However, there will likely be an upgrade fee which will be a very low cost if there is the need for a said upgrade fee.

In other news, Both Kelowna (CYLW) and Edmonton (CYEG) will be converted to run on MSFS2020, but other than that, no timeline has been made available. Some of their older products such as Cancun (MMUN), Calgary V1 (CYYC), etc, will not be converted to the new platform. London airport (CYXU) is also still under its primary development and will most likely be made available for both P3D and MSFS2020. FSimStudios has also been hard at work developing its latest version of the Calgary Airport (CYYCv2). Plans for the future of this addon has not been made clear yet. As in, nothing has been decided on which platform it will be made available for.

FSimStudios has a lot of ongoing projects, and they have just announced that there are two other airports, which are both going to Canadian airports, are being developed as we speak. Of course, it is very early in the development stage that nothing has been officially announced but expect an announcement soon. No platform as been decided for either of these airports.

No other information has been released by FSimStudios, but be sure to look at their Facebook Page for the latest on their projects.

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