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FSimStudios Kelowna Update

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After the successful release of a much needed Edmonton (CYEG) airport, FSimStudios are very close to releasing another much-needed airport in western Canada. After 50 plus hours of work, compiling over 330 square kilometers (205 square miles) of mountainous terrain, three seasons of 0.42m/pix images and surrounding city, FSimStudios has announced that 2 weeks from today, Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) will be released. Between now and release day, FSimStudios have provided us with a map outlining some features including the area covered by the product. Some downtown landmarks, as well as the new hospital and hotels, can be seen when flying around the area. William R. Bennet bridge is a key landmark and connects West Kelowna to the main downtown core. This bridge is also the most direct route coming from the west. Kelowna offers a good variety of aircraft. ranging from small single-engine GA aircraft to WestJet 737s and Rouge A321s.

Kelowna is Canada’s 10th busiest airport, surpassing Victoria (CYYJ) in 2018 with over 2 million passengers going through the airport. Kelowna is roughly smack dab in the middle between Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta making it a popular destination for tourists and other travelers alike. I personally have family in Kelowna and spent many a summer in the Okanagan Valley. The city lies beside the Okanagan Lake which is a freshwater lake and in the summer, and with so many beaches, it is a great place to relax and go for a swim in the nice cool water. Many locals such as myself will recognize many key areas and landmarks. One of these key landmarks, though I cannot confirm, is the Myra Canyon Trestles. While no longer in active use, it is still a popular place for tourists and even locals to walk, bike or hike along. In August of 2003, there was one of the largest fires in the area that forced over 27,000 residents, myself included, to evacuate the area while over 200 homes were consumed by the firestorm. I could go on and on about Kelowna. If you ever get the chance to visit, please do it.

FSimStudios have not given any other info or price has been posted yet, but we won’t have to wait long for that since it is only two weeks away. Be sure to pay close attention for any new news regarding their Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) on their Facebook Page.

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