FSimStudios Edmonton Releasing This Weekend


After many posts regarding Edmonton (CYEG), FSimStudios has announced that they will be releasing their latest scenery, Edmonton International Airport this weekend. This scenery is chocked full of exciting features for Canada’s 5th busiest airport.

To kick things off, FSimStudios have stated that it will be “pre-released” on their website. You will be able to pick it up at SimMarket after a few weeks. FSimStudios have been making quite the name for themselves by bringing airports that either need an updated scenery, or just need a scenery in general. Adding Edmonton (CYEG) to the list, this will drastically change those who operate Canadian flights. With a detailed terminal building with the new control tower, the level of detail is incredible. High-resolution textures with PBR Dynamic WetFX which change depending on the weather conditions at the airport. Also included are PBR SnowFX to go along with the 3D snow, snowdrifts, and steam effects. SODE Jetways and Windsocks, as well as dynamic lighting, will be included out of the box. This is the tip of the iceberg of what to expect.

But wait, there is more! FSimStudios have also announced that they are currently working on Calgary V2 CYYC. This will include a fully updated and remake of the airport, Downtown Calgary and will feature high-resolution textures of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary V2 CYYC is expected sometime next year, but no major timeline has been stated as of yet. With the addition of Edmonton and the new Calgary, flights between these two airports will be spectacular!


That’s not all either. FSimStudios announced a few weeks ago that they are developing “another Canadian favourite airport. They are hinting that it is 2 more great destinations to fly from Edmonton. There are many major Canadian airports that still have not been covered, or have been covered, but are not optimized for the 64bit platform or are outdated. Please feel free to post guesses in the comments.

This is ramping up to be a fantastic and exciting end to 2019. Bringing on the new decade in style with all these new addons coming out. No price has been set yet, but you won’t have to wait too long for that. Follow FSimStudios Facebook Page to catch the announcement of their next product within the next few days.

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