FSFX Packages’ Chase Plane Alpha 2 – Starting Today

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Since FSFX Packages released Chase Plane alpha at the end of last year, the team have worked really hard on ensuring they listen to community feedback and improve the camera system leading up to their version 1.0 release. It’s safe to say that over the months the improvements have been regular and have greatly enhanced the user experience.

One feature that is key to alpha 2 is the community feature, which was previewed back in February. FSFX Packages have today confirmed that on April 30 (today!) @ 2300z, they will begin the process of migrating servers. The servers will be down for around 10-20 minutes. If you plan on using Chase Plane at this time, then simply ensure your product is up to date and you’ve switched it on by 2300z.

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They will then gradually switch on the community feature for users. As for when you have access? You’ll have to keep checking as it looks to be a staggered approach.

So what is the community feature?

Put simply: it’s a place to download and upload camera presets for all Chase Plane users. The preview video shows how easy it is to do. It’s a feature I’ve been itching to get my hands on to ensure that each aircraft I own has a good camera set-up.

There’s a few key things FSFX Packages wanted you to know:

Alias – The first time you use the community feature, you’ll need to identity which will be searchable by other users to find your presets.

Privacy settings – Switched to private by default, you’ll need to toggle between unlisted and public if you want to share. Anything unlisted you’ll be able to send a link if you want someone to have access.

Import & Subscribe – Importing will do what it says on the tin and import the preset for that particular sim-object. Subscribe will allow you to stay up-to-date with any changes the user makes to that preset.

Preview – Just hover over the ‘preview’ icon and you’ll have a sneak peak at that preset.


Despite the delay to alpha 2, FSFX Packages confirmed that version 1.0 is still on track for a June release.

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