FSFX Packages: Apology for Server Outage and Chase Plane Alpha 2 Preview


Earlier today, users of Chase Plane (including myself) experienced a few issues. The reason being, FSFX Package’s servers were completely down. The issue occurred at 04:36 (not sure on time zone, but I think it was Canadian time) and around 5 hours later, they were back online. As a result of the outage, Chase Plane was inoperable (as it needs an always-on connection), and both the website and VFX Central were out.

Naturally, FSFX Packages apologied for the outage and assured the community that they have plans to improve the infrastructure of the servers to better handle the server and ensure there’s less chance of this event happening in the future. This should all be in place come April.

As a result of this untimely issue, the team have pushed back Alpha 2’s release until satisfied with the new servers. So basically, don’t expect to see Alpha 2 until April.

Furthermore, as a result of feedback from this incident, the team have confirmed an offline mode before the official release of version 1 later this year.

Finally, they also released a cool video showing off the community feature coming with Alpha 2. As you can see, it’s simple and quick to upload and download camera sets, which should make the tool even more useful. You can watch this above or via their blog.

Don’t forget to watch our preview via our Youtube channel.

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