UPDATE: FSFX Packages 777 Immersion Released For P3D V4

Update at 21:40 on 8th July 2017

And just like that, it’s now available via your VFXCentral app. You can also purchase it from FSFX Packages if you don’t own it already.

[Small edit] Yes, it’s a free update. Just open up VFXCentral and it’ll download the needed files.

— Original article published on July 7th —

A single image from FSFX Packages has filled me with excitement! Their incredible 777 Immersion package will soon be available for P3D V4, utilising the new features of the sim.

As you can see in the screenshot, the volumetric lighting shines impressively and you see the water droplets from the rain.

FSFX Packages also confirmed that you won’t be needing Dynamic Lighting switched on to be able to use volumetric lighting.

We’ll let you know when a final release it out. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for current information.th

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  • DdD

    9th July 2017

    Thank you for the news! Installed and testing now 🙂


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