FSFX Chase Plane Alpha 2 Details


Keven Menard has detailed what users can expect with FSFX Chase Plane Alpha 2.

Whilst people have their opinion on pre-release paid for alpha versions, what’s really impressive is that since the launch of Chase Plane back on November 1st, FSFX have pushed 35 updates to improve the user’s experience. This included everything from fixes to new features.

With November coming to a close, the team will be wrapping up Alpha 1 and will move onto creating the next Alpha version. This will be ready by the end of January.

So what will can you expect from the new version. Well the details are below (YES TrackIR will be integrated!)

  1. TrackIR integration
  2. Performance improvements
  3. Reorder presets by writing the desired index directly
  4. Saveable presets in Static Mode
  5. Massive improvements on the In-Sim View Selector (+ fix for pointing devices & for HiDPI displays)
  6. Control over the sim’s built-in views
  7. Transfer of preset shortcuts when importing from other aircraft
  8. Camera control while in Cinematic Mode
  9. Transition time option per preset
  10. Engine turbulence from inside the cockpit (open canopies)
  11. Virtual doors and walls
  12. Contextual menu in ChasePlane to edit presets
  13. Customizable information overlay including VAS usage, currently loaded preset, save status etc.
  14. Experimental Community features
  15. Simulation Rate support
  16. Sticky Mouse-Look option
  17. Slew Mode detection
  18. Built-in Spot View support
  19. Double-Tap key assignments
  20. Option to minimize to taskbar
  21. Saved Window position
  22. Scroll zoom
  23. Hidden cursor when mouse wheel is pressed and moving
  24. Key Assignments Enable/Disable
  25. Importable camera definitions (built into most aircraft)

Of course, during the Alpha release, we can expect to see some changes and improvements to improve Chase Plane even further.

In the mean time, why don’t you watch our Chase Plan video preview.

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