FSExpo Streaming Woes and Remediation


For those who have been tuning in to our livestreams on Twitch throughout FSExpo today,  you may have noticed that the stream will occasionally drop out, stutter, or just go offline entirely at seemingly random times. We’re aware and have come up with a plan to fix it!

With PMDG’s big announcement taking place in less than an hour, we’d be silly to try and stream such an event with our current, unreliable setup. We think most of our connection issues are due to the shoddy WiFi at the Expo itself, so we’ll be switching to LTE to ensure greater stability and quality, as well to make sure that we won’t be taken offline if there’s a bunch of devices all streaming at once (which there’ll probably will be, given the caliber of the announcement).

That’s all for now, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be back streaming PMDG’s product reveal over on our Twitch channel when Robert Randazzo takes the stage here at 2200z, so see you then and enjoy the Expo!


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John Moore

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Calum Martin

I’ll be honest with you all.

We had some great intentions for this year to bring you close to the action. Sadly despite our best efforts of spending nearly $100 on data plans, $200 on equipment and a bunch of other stuff, sadly technical stuff hit us.

I know position and quality wasn’t great. There’s no specific place for streamers of people to film from and leaving it dead center in the hall is a no no simply due to fire routes. This is something we’ll talk to the team about for next year.

We had 7 people at the event and several at home writing stuff for you guys. They did a fantastic job at bringing you coverage whilst I was running about building relationships and filming a bunch of interviews (we have them all recorded and ready for YouTube). I’m hoping this will provide you with enough coverage of the event.

I know other streamers had good stuff going which is exactly why I had the Expo page direct you guys to a bunch of other people who I know to provide good content.

We learned a whole bunch this year and I have to say we did a better job than last year. The team did great and I am super proud of them. I know a few mistakes happened but overall, we did the best we could considering all that happened and the number of people involved.

As always share your feedback to me and the team.

If the event organisers did their job properly and provided properly positioned desks and ethernet switches for the FS media then people around the world would have had a good experience watching it. When I popped my head into the stream to check it out there was one guy visibly pissed off because the internet wasn’t working for him.

For next year they should learn off other industries expos where media is invited to cover and see how they solve these issues – but as well all know the FS world is full of arrogant shitheads who will not do something that is even remotely sensible.

Will we still get the Lockheed Martin interview?

Is it possible to film from the back using a zoom lens (but with the mic at the front) instead of filming from the side? We don’t need to see the audience, however we do want to see the screen and the presenter. For many Powerpoints the text is simply too blurry to see clearly.

Stephen Whiterod

Yeah I agree, hell I wouldn’t mind paying to watch providing it was done in a professionally. Had to swap streams so I didn’t miss anything. Hopefully the experience helps for next year.

Chilly’s stream was flawless, also Durka’s too fyi. But most of the presentations we could see. Your camera was too far away from the presenters also thus besides the more stable chilly stream we could hear them loud and clear too. I reckon you wanted some feedback

And don’t set the camera in the corner if possible. Try in front tof the scene.

John Moore

I’ve passed this along to our team onsite, thanks for the feedback, it’s really appreciated!!

Just an error there, you state that the event is 2100z, but it is 2200z.

Just to clear any confusion 🙂

Haha no problem I still get confused too. Bloody timezones

John Moore

Thanks Jon, fixed! I can never seem to get the times right for some reason..