FSExpo 2019: Parallel42 Announces Skypark for Prepar3D

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“The Skypark is a living playground, you travel the world working a dynamic job market based on real-world supply and demand”.

Edson Soriano, Managing Director of Parallel42 has finally revealed what is inside the box. After several teases and much community discussion, the secret is finally out.

Skypark is an economic job-based utility addon for Prepar3D v4.4+ with virtual characters and a dynamic world powered by the user. A live dispatchable job market representing real-world supply and demand will be available with over 1,500 scenarios being fed into the system daily. This utility will support multi-aircraft types and will also work with the most popular advanced routing software such as Simbrief and PFPX. If that sounds like too much effort you can simply fly direct to the job without the use of these aids.

To bring all of this to life, there will be interactive characters and agencies with details of all the jobs on offer. The infamous box that everyone has been talking about has now been explained. Excitingly, the box is true object persistence which means that objects are live streamed into the simulator to represent cargo.

Parallel42 has also stated that this will be the future of flight logging and will include overlays in-sim to keep a track of everything from landings to how long you have taxiing to name but a few.

Regarding your virtual company, Global contracts will always be available. The team will be frequently adding more jobs which will enhance the life of this product and prevent the user from experiencing scenario repetition.

Cargo Ops, Medical flights, Helicopter Ops and search and rescue can be expected in the job queues which will suit all types of flight simulation enthusiast.

The whole Skypark multiplayer experience will also be compatible with your addon airports and will work as an overlay to your favourite ATC services such as Vatsim or IVAO.

All of this will be controlled from the Skypad. The Skypad resembles a real working tablet and is your lifeline of the Skypark. Everything you do is managed through The Skypad in its virtual form and real form. You can keep track of your career and progress through your own mobile devices. Pick your job, choose your cargo, load your cargo, fly your plane, track your flight and then get paid (In virtual money of course). Every detail of your flight and job successes will be recorded in high detail for your logs.

The price is expected to be around $10.00 or AUD$14.95 per month and will be available this summer exclusively from Orbx.

To keep up to date with the latest news and interviews at FSExpo head on over to our FSExpo hub page here.

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