FSExpo 2019: POSCON Beta Roadmap Updated

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The folks behind the all-new simulation network, POSCON, have updated their beta testing roadmap as part of their showcase at this year’s FSExpo in Orlando, FL.

For some time now, as the network has been developed and improved, the developers have had a very small testing team of just 58 people on hand to assist them in fault-finding their new network. Today’s announcement sees this group extended from those 58 to include up to 1000 in the first stage of the beta expansion.

The new invite-only testing stage will see applicants issued with invite codes to allow them to participate in the beta. Once on board, these users will be able to log on to the network as pilots during scheduled testing times. ATC coverage will be provided by POSCON staff, as well as handpicked testers. The coverage will be scheduled for certain areas of the world too, allowing the team to develop and integrate features that are unique to different parts of the world.
This will be considered Phase 1, and is expected to kick off before the end of Q3 2019.

Phase 2 of the invite-only testing will open up to an additional 1000 applicants. The prerequisite of an invite code will remain, as will the testing schedule. This phase is expected to kick off at some point early in the new year.

Once we tick over into 2020 and Phase 2 is complete, POSCON will kick off Phase 3 of the testing with the Open Beta.
This stage will see the network opened up to anyone and everyone who wants to give the new network a try. While ATC will still be hand-picked by POSCON staff, anyone will be able to log on as a pilot.
ATC coverage will be limited to developed areas of the network, but the testing schedule will be gone, meaning pilots and ATC can log on at any time.

Finally, by the end of 2020, the network is expected to see a full release. It’s at this time that anyone will be able to connect as ATC, and all testing restrictions will be lifted.

How can I join Phase 1?

While Phase 1 isn’t expected to start for a few months yet, POSCON will be giving out 50 invites to attendees of FSExpo.
If you’re registered on the POSCON website, simply drop by their booth during the event to try and snag an invite.

If you’re not lucky enough to be at the Expo this year, don’t stress – the POSCON team will be distributing invites in the lead up to the opening of Phase 1. Keep your eyes on their social media channels for when this may happen.

Once the testing is underway, existing testers will have the opportunity to invite their friends as the beta expands.

Having seen what the development team had to show off at FSExpo, competition for invites is surely going to be high.

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