FSExpo 2019: Mettar Simulations Announces Roadmap Update


Mettar Simulations, the developer behind P3D Tweak Assistant, ProjectFly and more has announced via their seminar at FSExpo 2019, details on their development roadmap and some exciting new features coming to their existing product range.

Matt Davies, Founder of Mettar Simulations started the seminar by recapping where Mettar started and how they arrived at where they are today. As mentioned above, one of their two biggest successes has been P3D Tweak Assistant. A utility that allows you to change shaders and configurations to customise the look of your P3D. PTA has seen little update for users in the last 12 months but Matt announced that PTA has been re-coded from the ground up and is packed full of new features including dynamic profile sharing in real time. You will also be able to change your presets and shaders in PTA and see the direct impact in P3D without reloading your sim. These additional features will come at a cost of $3.99 if you are an existing PTA user. For those who would like to carry on using PTA without the upgrade, you can still do so as the current PTA will still receive sim support and updates, excluding the new additional features.

ProjectFLY mixes flight dispatcher and logbook for P3D and X-Plane. From finding out where to fly next or to see where you have flown before, ProjectFLY is the comprehensive utility for all. The current version of ProjectFLY (v3) has come a long way from its initial conception. Matt announced version 4 for ProjectFLY is almost ready to go. This update will include a range of features from a new tweaked user interface and updated passport facility to highlight the countries you have visited on the map. Alongside the visual developments, ProjectFLY will include a feature to help you decide where to fly next. This will help you, if like me, you spend the majority of your time planning and deciding where to fly to rather than actually flying. The feature will give you a visual field of reach from a selected airport given parameters such as time and aircraft type. Although these features are great, Matt saved the biggest development till last; Mettar has partnered up with Aviation Cloud, a real-world dispatch company, sister to ForeFlight and Boeing, to bring real-world flight dispatch to the simulator community. The last change to be mentioned for ProjectFLY is an addition of price banding. Matt mentioned in previous announcements that the plan was to have three tiers for ProjectFLY, Blue, Silver and Gold, none of which have been made available as only the sandbox version of ProjectFLY has been released. The new tiered system includes a similar three stages named Free, Supporter (£0.99) and Dispatcher (£6.99). The full list of features can be found below.

Free of Charge

  • Radar
  • Logbook
  • Achievements
  • Passport stamps
  • Contracts
  • Community
  • ProjectFLY chat

Supporter £0.99

  • Unlimited airline schedules
  • 15-second radar refresh
  • Streamer tools
  • Priority support response
  • Supporter account badge
  • Monthly giveaway entry

Dispatcher £6.99

  • All supporter features
  • Unlimited dispatches
  • Full OFP package
  • Real-world validated routes
  • Fuel flow calculations
  • ETP/ETOPS operations
  • EX, SIGWX & wind charts
  • NOTAMS (airport, en-route, fir)

Since Cosford Flight Sim Show 2019 where Mettar announced their A380 development for both P3D and X-Plane. Unfortunately, no further development comments have been made regarding the aircraft but Matt assured the congregation that development is still underway but not at the rate in which they initially expected.

As far as time frames go, Matt made loose comments regarding the updated PTA and ProjectFLY being made available as of the end of June but no timeframe was mentioned in reference to the A380.


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