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FSElite Exclusive: LatinVFR Fort Lauderdale Features Sloped Runways In Prepar3D V4 (With Working AI)

Kfll Latinvfr P3d 04

In an exclusive interview with FSElite, LatinVFR has shared the news that their upcoming airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will feature sloped runways Prepar3D. Whilst we know that sloped runways are possible in Prepar3D, they are not usually compatible with AI traffic. This is fine at small airfields, but not so much at a busy international airport. However, with Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, LatinVFR has found a way to have a sloped runway with working AI traffic.

In the interview (to be published tomorrow), Ricardo from LatinVFR describes using the sloped runway for the first time as one of his favourite moments when developing the scenery.

The question is, how has this been made possible? Here’s a snippet from our upcoming interview with Ricardo from LatinVFR.

Which part of the development of KFLL stood out to you? Were there any challenges? What was your favourite moment of development?

There are always challenges, the sloped runway had the challenge of not working with AI traffic, thankfully we found out during development that a group of people worked on a system that allowed AI traffic to use the sloped runway, under certain airport elevation conditions. These conditions were met with KFLL, and thanks to Sean Isom and Federico Sucari of FSSI this was possible.

My favorite moment was when I tried the sloped runway on the sim, we had done sloped runways before (SLSU, SVMI) but this time I think we did this precisely and exactly with the elevation fluctuations as in real life.

You can also see an exclusive image of the sloped runway in the featured image above.

The full interview will be published tomorrow, along with additional screenshots and details about the upcoming airport from LatinVFR.


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