FSElite Exclusive: Joffer Simulations Announces Development of the Fokker 70

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The Fokker 70 is a really cool aircraft and very unique in terms of the size of the aircraft, it’s cabin and the range it can travel. As of right now, the only option to fly this aircraft in our world is with Flight One’s Fokker 70 / 100 Simulation for FSX and FS2004. Quite clearly, the market is in desperate need of a developer to take on the challenge. Luckily, we’re able to announce that a new developer is on the scene that has the intention of making a fantastic version of the Fokker 70 for more modern sims.

Introducing Joffer Simulations, ran by Jake Blackbourn and Kristoffer Eriksen. The team of two have spent the past few months researching the aircraft and what it will take to develop it for the simulator. We have been told that the aircraft will come with a fully functioning FMS, detailed cockpit features and animations, as well as sounds taken from the real aircraft. Initially they will be designing the Fokker 70, but intend to work on the 100 also. The guys estimate testing won’t start until late 2018.

We’ve also been provided some exclusive shots to show you the first signs of development of the virtual cockpit. For only a few weeks of work, it seems to be coming along nicely.

Joffer Simulations have promised us that further updates and shots will be shared exclusively with FSElite and on their own Facebook page as well.

We’ll be keeping an eye on development and will inform you of any progress.

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Can’t wait for this, looking forward to its idiosyncracies. Fail operational autoland (are you including failures/manuals?)?

Hi James, I noticed you commented here, but I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you:

Why?? no one fly it anymore, why doens’t you develop an E170/195 ??

Hi Rafael! As I said to Peterwk, we’re making the add on as it’s what we’d like in the sim! If people want to buy it they can, if they don’t want a Fokker, then they don’t have to buy it!

Fokker 90 or 100 was the first plane i ever was on in the early 90s. And the only time i was on any fokker. I remember it was the smallest most cramped piece of metal to ever grace me. More depressing than the md80…

i might get this just for nostalgia sake to relive the nightmare of that flight to switzerland.

Hello Jake,

I sincerely hope that your project goes well.

I was coming from the point of view that I fly for KLMVA and I would have loved to fly a great F.70 with a virtual cockpit. However, as there was not one available, I reverted to flying EMB-190’s instead. Now that KLM have retired all their aircraft, I won’t be purchasing your aircraft.

Anyway, as I said, I wish you every success with your project and I hope that your future customers will enjoy flying it.

Thank you 🙂 That’s fine! But KLM isn’t the only operator. We’re also making the Fokker 100, which is still used by a wide variety of airlines today 🙂

Two comments:

The Fokker F.70 is not unique – the BAC111, Embraer EMB-170, BAe146 are similar aircraft in terms of size and range.

Also, it seems to me that the project is about 5 years late as they are now being retired.

However, it’s up to the developer but I can’t foresee a big market for it.

I can assure you that we’re making this product for people that want it. It’s not important to us if there’s a big market or not! We’re making the aircraft as we’ve always wanted a good Fokker 70 sim, not to see how much money we can make! Plus we’ve done our research, people that we’ve asked (and believe me we’ve asked many) have all said they can’t wait for a good Fokker! 🙂

While this is welcome, what we seriously NEED is high quality GA. There are entire areas where there are few and, sometimes, no high quality airplanes available. In particular, twins and turboprop. To me, it’s hard to fathom. We have all of these air carrier models…lots of them and more being made. Where are the GA?

I agree that we need more GA aircraft but in my opinion that’s what XPlane is for. I think that P3D is more suited to commercial stuff. We might make some GA planes in the future though. We were thinking of a Piper Warrior, what do you think? 🙂

What do you mean under “for more modern sims”, so is it for X-Plane 11 or for P3D?

It’ll be for P3D initially.

As a dutchy, this is the most wanted addon for me! Already miss them at Schiphol, I cant wait!