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FSDreamTeam Releases Small Update For GSX


After a large update last week, the guys at FSDreamTeam have released another little update.

FSDreamTeam released a large update which included several brand new features such as their new QuickPushback system and dynamic apparel for the marshaller. This update has added new regional accents. These include, British, Australian, German, Indian and Italian for the De-Icing crew and Pushback operator. The default American accent has also been redone to sound more clear when speaking. These accents are automatic depending on the airport you depart or arrive at. FSDT stated that they are planning to expand this feature even further since the software can support an unlimited amount of languages/accents.


This update is for all versions of FSX and P3D and does not require GSX Level 2. As all updates from FSDT are, this is a free update for all users of both GSX and GSX Level 2. To get this update, simply run the FSDT Live Updater. If you have yet to pick up GSX and GSX Level 2, there is a demo available on the FSDreamTeam website.

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