FSDreamTeam Releases GSX version 2.7

You heard it here first folks, FSDreamTeam’s GSX Version 2.7 has been released.

To kick things off, FSDT released two videos demonstrating the new seasonal clothing for the marshallers. In the video, it goes through multiple weather and season changes showing off this brand new feature. From high visibility parkas for extreme cold operations to shorts and a t-shirt in the hot summer months. This feature will add make the airport feel more alive when you arrive at the gate after completing the flight. This update is only available for P3Dv4.4 and up.

Another brand new feature, never seen before on P3D or FSX for that matter is the new QuickPushback system. Similar to the Better Pushback for the X-plane 11 platform, QuickPushback uses a topdown view and allows you to plan your pushback the way you want and not have to depend on the scenery AFCAD. Which means no more pushing back into a building. The custom pushback that you selected will be saved automatically into the standard GSX.ini file for later use for the same gate. Of course, it will save the path for each gate you use. It will still go to the topdown view with the saved pushback path, however, you will still be able to change it if you so desire.

QuickPushback is available for FSX and P3D, however, the Mouse Interface requires P3Dv4.4 and up. Operate Stairs is another new feature which allows you to move or remove stairs without starting and other services. This means you can bring the stairs up to the aircraft and not have passengers board or deboard the plane. For instance, if you like to have the aircraft at the maintenance hangar for repairs or checks, then you can simulate the aircraft being worked on and not have to deboard passengers in order to get stairs connected to the aircraft. That, or if you plan to be parked for a long period of time before starting the flight, then you can now attach stairs and walk away.

Last and most certainly not least is the new Reposition Airplane feature which allows the user to change parking positions while already at a gate and you wish to change where the aircraft is on the airfield. FSDT fixed one bug with the new 2.7 update. When the user would change the jetway model in the editor, it would lose the custom logo that was applied to it.

If you wish to read the full changelog, it is on the FSDT Website. This update is free and is available for FSX and P3Dv.4 with the exception of the seasonal clothing and parts of the QuickPushback system.


  • NEW: New QuickPushback™ mode. Instantly create a Custom Pushback on the fly, during the Pushback procedure, without entering the scenery customization page. Available for FSX and P3D4. Mouse Interface requires P3D 4.4+.
  • NEW: “Operate Stairs” command, to move or remove Stairs without starting any other services.
  • NEW: “Reposition Airplane” command, to move the airplane to a different parking even when already parked, or to fix the position at the current parking spot.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Marshallers now support Variable Seasonal Clothing.
  • Bugfix: Changing the jetway model in the editor resulted in custom logo being lost.


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