FSDreamTeam – Huge Update – P3DV4, GSX 2.0 and More

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With all this excitement over the announcement of Prepar3D version 4, we need to remember that developers also have products of their own with announcements. We’ve detailed the smaller updates from other developers in this post, but FSDreamTeam deserved their own post as they have lots of details to share about their upcoming products and code base.

Firstly, they wanted to reiterate that their products will be updated free of charge. So even products like their Las Vegas which started out as a FS9 project, will be updated to 64-bit code absolutely free. With all of their products using Addon Manager, the team had to port the code over to 64-bit architecture to ensure it worked. As part of this, the team also worked on fixing problems and improving things based on feedback.

The team have now committed to a single FSDT folder installation. So regardless of number of sims installed on your PC, FSDT products will install outside of the sim and install straight away. Also part of this is the new way add-ons will be configured with P3D v3 and V4.

If you remember from P3Dv3, scenery config files were private for scenery, textures, simobjects etc. This meant that if you had to uninstall or reinstall the sim, then you wouldn’t lose any of the previously installed scenery. Of course, if you already have everything set up nicely, FSDT aren’t forcing you to change anything as the old installers will still work.

As for the Addon Manager, it’s having a few tweaks to improve as well. So it’s got its own setting .ini file and you’ll have to enable tweaks explicitly by hitting the save button when changing any .CFG files.

With the new 64-bit sim, FSDT are working to give back smoothness as the fear of OOM has almost vanished. You can view the more technical reasons on the forums, but to summarise, if you have the settings linked between the Addon Manager and Couatl to maximum, then “everything” will load into the sim around 15-20 miles out and nothing will be loaded or unloaded again. This makes for a pop-up free environment and gets rid of those stutters. They will enable this for the 32-bit sims, but you’ll probably see an OOM if you choose to use it.

GSX will also be given a major update soon as well – forwarding it to version 2.0. The team haven’t been able to push updates out lately due to the fact they’ve been beta testing for a while now, and didn’t want to spend times crushing bugs over the live update only to break something somewhere else. As a result, we’ll be getting a “significant” update in the next few days.

Aas for live updates, they’ve changed the Live Update system completely and wrote a whole new program and moved to Amazon Web Services. They have also scrapped the concept of “minor” and “major” updates as all updates will be done at once for all your FSDT products.

Finally, some stray comments about the future:

  • FSDT believe that the future is exciting due to the vastly improved SDK for version 4 of P3D.
  • Some things were already there, but couldn’t be used due to the fact the sim was 32-bit. 64-bit will change all of this.
  • Lockheed Martin did a fantastic job at listening to the community and the developers who helped beta test the project. Even adding in features at the last minute to make the experience better.


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