FSDreamteam Detail KORD v2 Upgrade Pricing

FSDreamteam Detail KORD V2 Upgrade Pricing FSElite

FSDreamteam took to their forums to detail the planned upgrade pricing for users who previously purchased the original O’Hare 11 years ago.

Users who have previously owned the 2008 edition of O’Hare will be able to get a discounted version of FSDreamteam’s upcoming KORD v2. The discount amount wasn’t specified in the forum post, but users will be able to obtain the discount from where they originally purchased the scenery. This includes both Simmarket and from within the Addon Manager itself.

If the store where users purchased the original O’Hare is no longer around, there is a solution for that too. Under C:/Users/YOURNAME, there should be a file titled FSDreamTeam_ChicagoOhare.reg. Inside, there will be the original serial number which can be used to reactivate O’Hare and obtain the discount.

This is just a summary of a rather lengthy post made by Umberto, but we feel that we’ve summarized all the key points. Feel free to read it for yourself if you feel inclined. We’ll let you know what the discount is when O’Hare v2 is released.

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