FSDG Releases Rhodes for X-Plane 11

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It’s been a busy week for FSDG, who has just released their Rhodes scenery for X-Plane 11 right after releasing Nairobi Lite for P3D.

The FSDG rendition includes the entire island, as well as the two aeronautical platforms, with Maritsa Airport (LGRD), that only sees military activity, and the main Diagoras International Airport (LGRP). These two airports are just 3 km apart, and the Maritsa Airport lends its runway to automobile and motorbike activities, which is modeled in the FSDG rendition. The island itself uses high resolution aerial imagery and features custom night lighting. Many landmarks of the island have also been included. The scenery uses PBR materials and is compatible with Ortho4XP, in case you use it.

The Diagoras International Airport, named after an Olympic athlete born in Rhodes, handled 4.7 million passengers in 2019. It sees traffic from all Europe, many of them being charter flights from various European countries. The airport bears a single 07/25 runway that is 3.300m long. The facilities can handle aircraft up to the A380.

The FSDG Rhodes for X-Plane 11 is available on the FSDG website for €21. As a reminder for our P3D pilots, the scenery is also available for P3D for €25.

Feature List

  • Complete coverage of the whole island with high resolution aerial imagery, night lighting and autogen
  • Additional landmarks like hotels, solar parks, olive plantations, wind generators, greenhouses and more
  • Extremely realistic rendition of Diagoras International Airport, Rhodes/Greece (LGRP)
  • Authentic rendition of Maritsa Airport (LGRD)
  • Realistic shadow and light rendition
  • PBR ground materials for more realism
  • New 2019 apron layout with pushback gates
  • Animated ground traffic
  • Optimized for great performance and visual results
  • Customized Mesh for LGRP with underground garage entries towards the apron
  • Includes fix to ensure Ortho4XP compatibility
  • Manual included
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