FSDG Releases ‘Reunion’

Thanks to Bryan for the tip off!

Announced recently, but FSDG have already released their next scenery and this time we head to the Indian Ocean.

‘Reunion’ is only 750km from Madagascar and a 30 minute flight from Mauritius. In pure FSDG style, the whole island is modelled, meaning you can spend time avoiding active volcanos, swing low into the valleys, lots of challenging weather and many airports.

FSDG have ensured that it’s fully compatible with add-ons including FTX Global and UTX.

The screenshots below are just a few from what’s on offer, but you can check out many more at the official store page on FSDG’s website.

You can buy it now for just 24eur. In the mean time, check out the full feature list after the jump.

  • Reunion island complete with custom mesh, autogen, night lights and landmarks
  • Accurate rendition of Roland-Garros airport (FMEE) and Pierrefonds airport (FMEP)
  • Highly detailed renditions of 2 other airports (Le Port, Bras-Panon) and 3 additional heliports
  • High resolution aerial imagery with night textures and 3D lights
  • Ultra-realistic shadow and light rendition on 3D objects and ground
  • Volumetric lights for supreme experience between dusk and dawn
  • Animated Jetways and custom apron traffic (FMEE)
  • New 3D lights technology for great performance and long-range visibility
  • Manifold AI traffic with multiple custom AI models (aircraft & helicopters)
  • Hundreds of additional landmarks and objects (bridges, military installations, antennas, solar fields, paragliders,…)
  • Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  • Compatible with all known add-ons including ftx products, UTX and FSGlobal
  • Manual included
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