FSCon 2017 News: Flight1 Previewing Level-D 757-200

The team at Flight1 are showing off something very cool! A few years ago we recieved a preview from Level-D simulations teasing a 757.  Having heard nothing since then, many presumed that this project had died off. Well quite the opposite. Out of nowhere the product is in beta and being shown off at Flight Sim Con. We will have more news coming in regarding this product soon, for now sit tight.

We look forward to seeing more of this aircraft.

Update at 1648z 

  • The aircraft is 80% complete.
  • The modelling is almost done.
  • It is close, they are taking their time to make it perfect.


  • Dave Taylor

    10th June 2017

    Great picture on the ground with the gear handle in the ‘up’ position. Very impressive.

    • Flyer

      10th June 2017

      It is said that 20% is left before the final product – knowing Level-D, this kind of mistake will be corrected in the final version 🙂

    • mike lyle

      10th June 2017

      Well Spotted

    • Alex

      10th June 2017

      When it is stated that the aircraft is 80% completed this becomes a non-issue. Duh? 😛 🙂

  • Fiedman

    10th June 2017

    I’d love to see them Upgrade the 767 it’s over 10 years old and in need of a refresh

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  • Issac

    11th June 2017

    To make a fair comparison. This is how it looks like.

    • DdD

      12th June 2017

      In the picture, it looks like the same level of quality than the B767 (meaning 10 years old technology), but the screenshot provided by Issac, seems to be really better! I’m looking forward for this!

      It could be a good alternative than the one from CaptainSim (depending if they release the V2 a day)

    • david mckenny

      13th June 2017

      That’s true if you take a closer look at the displays. You would see there is nothing in common graphically compared to existing 767. And also they have added some reflection effects on the standby instruments.

  • Ryan Cunningham

    13th June 2017


  • Brian

    13th June 2017

    Yes! Can’t wait

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