FS2Crew Update Maddog X Reboot to Version 1.8

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FS2Crew have issued a new update for the Maddog X Reboot. Version 1.8 is a relatively small update which sees a few changes due to the recently released FlythemaddogX update from Leonardo Softhouse.

Version 1.8 sees the APU start-up logic changed along with various user options for the ASDEX, ACARS and also the autothrust. All the options need to be manually changed and the instructions on how to do so are down below.

You can pick up the Maddog X Reboot from FS2Crew for €34.95. If you are a previous owner of a FS2Crew product, you can use code DOGX to get €5 off.

In other FS2Crew news, they confirmed that work is on-going to release a FlightSimLabs A320 Family version very soon, with development now 90% complete. You can read those details in our previous article.

Version 1.8 Change Log

1. APU start logic updated during after landing flow. The FO now holds APU in START position
for several seconds to account for updated Maddog APU logic.

2. New user options:

-FO will set the transponder to XPONDER after receiving the start clearance and during
the after landing flow.

-Loadsheet will no longer be delivered to the cockpit during pre-flight events.

c) Autothrust
-After commanding “TAKEOFF”, the PNF will turn on Autothrust about 2 seconds later.

To activate either of the three new user options:

1. Go to this location:

C:\Users\***YOUR USER NAME****\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew2010\Versions\MadDogRB\SavedData

2. Using NOTEPAD, open this file: FS2CREWData1.ini

You will see this:


Change the 0 to a 1 as desired to activate the feature.

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