FS2Crew Releases Pushback Express for MSFS, FSX and P3D

FS2Crew has released Pushback Express for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX and Prepar3D. The utility tool will enable more realistic pushback functionality within the new simulator and works at any airport featured in the sim.

Described as the “first -and last- pushback system you’ll ever need”, FS2Crew hopes this product will offer users the easiest and most realistic way to push back from your gate in the simulator. Pushback Express works with any aircraft type and also features towing, push and pull manourvering and also the ability to control the tub itself to line you up perfectly on the taxiway. The product also includes seven voice sets spread across various locations and regions, with more being added in the future. The product does use the stock pushback tug and human models. In the future, as the SDK developers, more will be added. FS2Crew noted this could take up to a full year.

Pushback Express works with Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX and Prepar3D and can be purchased from the FS2Crew website for €24.95.

If you have previously purchased an FS2Crew product, you can save €5.00 by using the code PUSH2020.


  • Option to steer the tug manually (essentially, create your own custom route).
  • Works with any type of aircraft (Airline to GA).
  • Ability to “Push and Pull” the aircraft to the desired spot.
  • Towing (requires users to steer the tug).
  • Pre-flight events with automatic jetway/door control.
  • Works at all airports.
  • International voice sets.
  • Built in tool-tips makes learning the software super easy.
  • And more!


  • American
  • British
  • Australian
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Asian
  • More will be added!


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