FS2Crew Releases Flight Crew A320 (Button Control)

FS2Crew Flight Crew A320 Trailer For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update: Some pieces of information in the original version of this article contained outdated information. We’ve rectified this and apologize for this error.

FS2Crew, the well-known add-on developer for P3D and FSX, released Flight Crew A320 (Button Control). With their first product for the new MSFS, they want to ease the job of the virtual Airbus A320 pilot. The add-on has a brand new user interface, where you can use your keyboard buttons or joystick to interact with your virtual flight crew in the cabin and on the ground. Voice control is not included in the current release, but FS2Crew doesn’t rule out a future version, maybe even as a new add-on.

You can expect checklist execution, specific Airbus flows for the captain and first officer, for Pilot Flying and Pilot Monitoring and numerous interactions between the ground and cabin crews and the pilots.

Flight Crew A320 (Button Control) was designed for the default Airbus A320 in MSFS, but can be used with any Airbus in P3D and FSX, keeping in mind some limitations apply in the different simulators. The product is easy to learn.

FS2Crew offers Flight Crew A320 (Button Control) on their website for $19,95, with an extra discount for the early adopters.

Feature List:

  • Works with any Airbus in MSFS, P3D or FSX (within limits).
  • Real-world A320 Checklist.
  • Flight Crew Callouts (example: “V1”, “Rotate”).
  • Flight Crew interaction (Captain, FO, Purser).
  • Procedures follow stock Airbus Procedures (where possible).
  • Voice Sets: US, UK and EU (German).
  • FA Cabin PAs (Users can now swap in their own custom Cabin PAs).
  • Purser Communications.
  • New User Interface System.
  • New Audio System.
  • New Functions (ie., Auto Checklist Respond).
  • Rejected Takeoffs and Missed Approaches.
  • turnarounds.
  • And more
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