FS2Crew: PMDG 747-400 QOTS II Version 1.2 Now Avaialble

FSCrew are back with another update for their PMDG 747-400 QOTS II First Officer set. Version 1.2 brings in some brand new changes and fixes to the current install. Some of these changes include new phraseology that can be used, fixes with the Baro Inches / HPA issues, and a change to the time the APU is then switched on.

The free update can be obtained by logging into your FS2Crew account and downloading the installer again. If you don’t own it already, you can head to the store now and pick it up for 44.95 Euros (Voice and Button) or 54.95 (Captain Set)

Full change log below.

  • During the Pre-Flight procedure, if you ask the FO to turn on the APU when the FO prompts you, the FO will set the APU start switch to ON after 3 seconds instead of roughly 12 seconds.
  • Descent procedure: Baro Inches/ HPA issue resolved.
  • Touch and Go’s fixed.  Remember: The FMC must be completed in full for it to work.  FS2Crew still needs the speeds computed in the FMC.
  • Cabin PA’s fixed.
  • During the pre-flight flow, the FO will now set the EIU knob to AUTO on his side.  This should resolve any issues users had with a “NO LAND 3” EICAS warning.
  • If flying a model whose EAI and WAI switches have an available AUTO position, the FO will now set the NAI and WAI to the ON position, and not leave them in AUTO, if NAI/WAI are required as per your Departure Brief selection.  Based on our 747 consultant’s report, this is the actual correct procedure.
  • If the pre-flight procedure is run, door 2L should now open properly.
  • For the approach checklist, you can now using the backup phrase “SET AND CHECKED” if you don’t feel like reading back the actual altimeter value.
  • For the landing checklist, you can now say “NOT ARMED” or “DISARMED” when responding to the position of the speed brake if doing a touch and go.
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