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FS2Crew Drops Support For FSLabs FSX


Unfortunately, FS2Crew announced that they have made the decision to drop support for the FSX version of the FlightSimLabs Airbus. The decision was made rather last minute, and according to the team of FS2Crew, has to do with the fact that FSX and P3D are simply too different. To support both platforms would therefor be too time consuming. Additionally, the team mentions that FlightSimLabs has also seemingly dropped support for their FSX version of the planes, and many people have moved over the Prepar3D, which helped them to make this decision.

However unfortunate that is for FSX, that means good news for Prepar3D. The team also announced that their FS2Crew FSLabs Airbus addon is back on track to release in the coming weekend, something the team is rather excited about. Because support for FSX has now been dropped, FS2Crew is able to make this addon a lot better due to the lack of the FSX limitations. It is now much more in line with the experience they want users to have.

Lastly, the team shares their apologies to anyone still on FSX that may have been waiting on this addon.

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