FS2Crew Details FSLabs Airbus Edition V1.1 Plans

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Not long ago, FS2Crew released their most ambitious version of their series of products for the FSLabs A32X family. Since release, the team are “happy to report that product has been a huge hit with a rapidly expanding user base.” With that news, some version 1.1 update details were also shared both via an email newsletter and also a Facebook post.

In the email sent out to customers, it was confirmed that the new version will feature new voice sets from a US female Captain and a new DE Captain. Furthermore, there is also talk of an experimental headset filter effect to be applied to give an even more immersive experience. Further to the new Captain sets, it was also confirmed that user BlackBox has re-recorded some new voice sets to avoid the slightly robotic sounding voice clips. Finally, along with bug fixes, some new ATC callsigns will be added – including easyJet, which was originally missed out.

In a later Facebook post, FS2Crew also confirmed that work is ongoing for what Speech Recognizer location they have to set on their PC. As of today, users would have to set their system to ENGLISH – US, regardless of their actual location (even if they were in another English speaking country). The UK has been tested, with plans to also include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.

FS2Crew has put out a call to action for anyone who owns the FSLabs edition and is a South African or Irish user to help test.

You can find out more about FS2Crew FSLabs Airbus Edition on our previous post, or you can head directly to the webpage and grab a copy yourself. Price starts from €39.95.

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