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FS2Crew Compatibility With FSLabs A321-X

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In a quick Facebook post, FS2Crew has confirmed that their popular utility is compatible “right out of the box” with the newly released FSLabs A321-X. Customers will just have to run the Airbus Config Manager and press “Enable A321” in the options.

FS2Crew is a popular utility that simulates the presence of a copilot. The virtual copilot can be commended either by voice or button presses, follows checklists and can actually perform some of the tasks such as starting the APU, setting the autopilot etc.

If you haven’t already purchased the FSLabs Airbus Edition from FS2Crew, you can do so by heading to their product page. It currently costs €39.95 for the standard edition and €49.95 for the Captain’s edition.

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