FS2018: FSFX Packages / OldProp Presentation Round Up


Today during Flight Sim 2018 in Cosford, FSFX Packages (now officially OldProp) dropped loads of new details regarding their current product range, new products and a glimpse at the future. This post is a summary of what happened during the presentation.

FSFX Packages Now Officially OldProp



Some may not know this, but OldProp Solutions was always the parent company of FSFX Packages. As of today, FSFX Packages will be re-branded into OldProp. Everything from social media and the website will be changed. Nothing will change in regards to user accounts and products owned.

747 Immersion Now Available

Teased more than a year ago, OldProp has released their hotly anticipated 747 Immersion Package. We have the full scoop on our release post here.

717 Immersion Now Available

Shown off at FlightSimCon 2017, the 717 Immersion Package went through a brand new development cycle to take advantage of the new technology in the set of Immersion Packages released by OldProp. More details on our release post.


ChasePlane Reaches Version 1

After many months and updates of alpha and beta testing, the team finally felt it was ready to be labeled as version 1. With the new release, ChasePlane comes with a user manual to help those unfamiliar with the product.

The price of ChasePlane will remain at $39.00.

OldProp Experimenting with X-Plane 11

Although these videos are still in the experimental phase for OldProp, they wanted to share what progress they’ve made so far. There’s no release dates or products attached to these effects as of now. These videos are just proof of concept.


Rotor Wash using the new particles system:

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