FS Reborn Announces AI Lights Professional

Developer FS Reborn partnered with AviationLads to announce a professional version of their popular AI Lights Reborn for P3D. The professional edition includes lots of added features, functions and effects to bring your AI traffic to life.

AI Lights Reborn Professional is a utility that enhances the look of your AI aircraft by changing the way AI aircraft lighting looks. The professional edition of AI Lights will build on the already feature rich free edition.

In the professional edition, you are able to control your AI traffic lighting through a slick user interface that allows you to create next level lighting effects catered to your simulation needs and requirements. These effects range from adding dynamic strobes to creating individual profiles for each aircraft type to include LED lights, Xenon bulbs with two levels of filtering as well as manufacturer based sequencing.

AI Lights Professional also lets you see changes in real time using the Live Preview Module. This allows you to make changes using the user interface and tweak your AI lighting and see the effects directly in P3D.

FS Reborn has not mentioned how much the professional package will cost or when the utility will be released. We will keep you updated on any further developments regarding AI Lights Reborn Professional. You can also check out the FSReborn website for more details.

Feature List

  • Adaptable graphic user interface. End users can choose from Basic, Advance or Expert Interface level
  • Synchronised strobes for your AI models (more realistic strobe sequencing)
  • Different strobe patterns implementation depending of aircraft type and manufacture, this means Boeing aircraft will have single flashing strobes, Airbus double flashing strobes.
  • XENON strobe bulbs simulation with light filters at 5500K or 6500K
  • LED strobe bulbs simulation with light filters at 6500K as per real world operations
  • Set different types of strobes bulbs per aircraft in your simulator
  • Select different navigation lights texture sets for your AI models
  • Ability to select different navigation lights texture sets for individual AI models
  • Change effects sizes, dynamic lighting quantity / intensity, dynamic lighting size and colour intensity for your Beacons, Navigation Lights and Strobes via a simple graphic user interface.
  • Toggle dynamic lighting for your navigation lights, beacons or strobes.
  • Change your taxi and landing lights effects sizes via a simple graphic user interface
  • Ability to preview all your lighting effects settings and preferences in real time inside your simulator by using our LPM (Live Preview Module)
  • The Live Preview Module also allows to select which AI model you wish to be rendered inside P3D in order to see your effects settings being previewed
  • Custom landing lights and taxi lights textures
  • Multiple AI fleet analysis reports
  • Custom light effects scaling techniques (Overrides the current P3D algorithms used to scale AI navigation lights)
  • Specific techniques for HD devices and 4K devices and you can choose the one that fits your needs better
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