FS Academy Releases VFR Training Package for MSFS

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Following their recently released and highly acclaimed MSFS IFR Flight Training package, FS Academy has just provided interested MSFS users with a follow-up series, this time focussing on the principles of VFR flight. 

As is the case with any professional or free-time occupation, one always has to begin by taking small steps before taking great leaps. Nowhere does this principle apply better than to the world of aviation, where, before being suited to fly big airliners across international borders, one first needs to get acquainted with the basics of flight and all that it entails. This getting familiar process generally commences with basic VFR flight training, following the successful completion of which one receives their private pilot license (PPL). 

Developer FS Academy has now provided MSFS users with their VFR Flight Training package, allowing MSFS users to take their virtual first steps into the world of aviation. The package aims to provide users with a study-level flight training experience created by real-world airline pilots who themselves have gone through the training’s real-world counterpart. The package comes included with 12 distinct lessons, beginning with a simple introduction to general flight principles and eventually seeing you off on a full VFR practice ride. Of course, your instructor will keep a watchful eye on you for the entire duration of the program. 

The developer also indicates that each training session comes included with the appropriate theoretical course material, and an extensive 70+ pages ground school manual is also included with the package. The manual covers a range of broad theoretical aspects, including principles of flight, lift and drag, normal and low circuit procedures, etc. 

The package is as of now available for purchase via the simMarket online store and sets you back €18.45 E.x. VAT. 

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