FlytheMaddogX Update Released


Developers of the FlytheMaddogX Md-82 have released a new update and it has some incredible new features.

We shall start off with the aircraft systems. Not much to report here, but some coding optimizations and various minor fixes were made along with the PMS not accepting block fuel greater than 19 tonnes on the MD-83. Some fine-tuning on the PBR (Physical Based Rendering) and glass transparency.

Now to the meat and potatoes of this update. As stated above, some new features have been added. One such feature is a little something called Shared Cockpit. That’s right! Shared cockpit is now in the FlytheMaddogX MD-82 and relevant expansions. A detailed guide is also included for pilots to get started and flying side by side A load manager interface has also been added to make everything flow seamlessly. Of course, this is not the only thing added. A delay in the FMS when recalculating vertical profile has been installed on the old bird. A new spoiler lever model has been added with flight/ground mode animations. All the documents that come with the aircraft have been revised including the OM. A list of commands and documents has been added to your flight bag as well. An ACARS tutorial is also included to help pilots understand the system and how to operate it during their daily flows. For those who use PFPX (Professional Flight Planner X), you are in luck. A custom profile has also been included with this update to give you more accurate payloads.

In other news, developers have confirmed that beta testing for P3Dv5 will begin upon the release of version 5. There will be a small fee for current owners of the FlytheMaddogX when upgrading to Prepar3Dv5. But if you also have the MD-83/88 in your hanger, it will be free of charge.

To let your First Officer onto the flight deck, you can access this new update on the FlytheMaddogX forums You can also read the entire forum post as well while you are there. If you have yet to pick up this aircraft, it is available on SimMarket for 80.00 Euro.

– code optimizations and various minor issues fixed;
– PMS not accepting block fuel >19T in MD-83 variant fixed;
– fine tuning of PBR materials and glasses transparency;

– added Shared Cockpit feature;
– added delay in FMS when recalculating vertical profile;
– new spoiler/autospoiler logic modelled with ground and flight modes;
– new spoiler lever model with flight/ground mode animations;
– added Shared Cockpit interface;
– new custom commands added;
– complete Events page overhaul, with new toggling option and auto-assignement of joystick parameters upon button press;
– new autospoiler sounds;
– all documents revised, included OM;
– OM vol.2 ch.8 Procedures guide added;
– OM vol.2 ch.8 Normal Checklist added;
– OM vol.2 ch.8 Cold Weather Operations Checklist added;
– List of Commands added;
– List of Documents added;
– ACARS tutorial added;
– PFPX Profiles added;
– Guidelines for painters added;
– Shared Cockpit Guide added.
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