[UPDATED: REVISED INFORMATION] FlytheMaddogX Price and Possible Release Timeframe Announced

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Update @ 18:00 Zulu:

It has been clarified by Leonardo over on Facebook that the previously provided prices were including a 22% VAT. The prices you’ll see on Simmarket will be 70€ + your country’s VAT for the 64-bit edition and 57€ + your country’s VAT for the 32-bit edition. The 5€ discount will also be available throughout all of February and will apply to the retail price without VAT.

Original article:

Leonardo Software, the team behind the upcoming FlythemaddogX MD80, has not been resting on their laurels of late, with the team pushing hard to get their upcoming MD80 into the hands of simmers. Today, they have announced  some new information on the product including the price and even a tentative release timeframe, let’s get into it!

First off, their new website has gone live along with the downloads for the MD80 users manual as well as a quick guide with the new website being found here.

Second up, Trino has finished the last of the 6 included liveries for the MD80! If you recall, Trino recently underwent an operation and was sidelined from work while he recovered. It is obvious that this was just a minor setback, and judging by the looks of his American Airlines livery, we are in for a real treat! With the last livery completed, Leonardo will soon update the photo section of their Facebook page with more screenshots of the MD80!

Next, they are going to give their beta group what they expect to be the final beta build prior to the initial v1.0 release, and if all goes to plan with no major issues found, we could see the Maddog release as early as this week! They will let us know exactly when that will be in the next few days so stay tuned!

Now, onto the big question: will it be compatible with the newly released Prepar3D v4.2? That answer is a resounding yes! The Maddog will be compatible with 4.2 out of the box and runs without issues but they will still have to evaluate if there is some new feature in v4.2 that can be added to the aircraft.

Onto pricing. FlytheMaddogX will be available from Simmarket in 2 versions, with 2 separate prices. The first version will be the 64 bit edition, being compatible with P3D v4.1-v4.2. The price of the 64 bit edition will be 80€. The second version will be the 32 bit edition, with it being compatible with FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D v3.4. The price for the 32 bit edition will be 65€. It should be noted that there will be a 5€ discount for both versions during the first week of release, with news for the customers of the legacy version to come shortly.

They end their post by saying thank you to all for your patience and your warm interest in the Fly the Maddog X. When more news becomes available on the upcoming MD80, you’ll find it here!

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A reacsonable price and as expected for what will be included (assuming it works as intended). The whining of the people on Facebook about the price is pathetic.

All praise PMDG but what about the price of the 747? Yes, you get all variants but still. Or even worse FSL with 140€ for a, at time of release, somewhat incomplete product.

Or worse: Aerosoft with the CRJ alpha version that will never work.

And the all time winner: the TFDI 717. 60€ for a plane that needed more than one year to get basic functions and that brakes other planes during installation (Q400).

So, tell me what did I say wrong?

Plus, if you live in Europe and are going to buy the A320-X, you don’t need to change the currency to euros… All you have to do is to buy it in American Dollars… The bank will immeaditly make the current curency and you pay less than those 125.32 that Mr. Efteris wants you to pay!

I didn’t talk about the pmdg 737ngx p3d… I talked about the fsx version… Just because a product has 5-7 or even more years old, it doesn’t mean it’s bad… Just the oppositte, because it will be almost bug-free, while a new release won’t… Many times you pay a lot to be a beta tester… As you stated well, in the case of the Aerosoft CRJ, you’ll even be an alpha tester…

And the EULA in flightsim products has the value that it has… And I can tell you that it values barely nothing… No one will even care about the way you use your product… Those EULA discussions are just ridiculous…

Plus, I can tell you that products such the Majestic Q400, PMDG NGX, Level-D 767 (some time ago), or Ifly 737 are used as real life trainers… Not only privately, but also by some institutions… With or without the EULA…

So, no, sorry, but it doesn’t cost less than the competition… And I say again… You cannot compare a MD-80 with an A320 or a B777… The complexity level is too different… MD-80 can only be compared to a 737, but while the 737 kept evolving, the MD-80 got stuck in time…

Wow, there is so much wrong in your post I do not even know were to start.

I do not even want bother with writing to much about pricing so here is your answer.

PMDG: PMDG 737NGX Base Package for Prepar3D

Price: $89.99

(7 years old!)

PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package for Prepar3D

Price: $134.99

(5 years old)

A320-X (P3Dv4) — 125.32 EUR (ok I got the pricing on this one slightly wrong, but that 15 EUR difference does not make my point any less valid)

You are comparing FSX and P3D prices, or apples and bananas ore whatever…

Then the statement about type rating…yes you can use it if you want to. But you are not supposed to. It even breakes the EULA of the product. So it cannot have any influence on pricing. Also the Q400 training , which so supposed to be used that way when it comes out, has just around 100 airframes in the world in operation right now that it could serve. If you only add up all -82 airframes in operation right now you come up to around 50-70. That does not include any -83, -87 or the huge (>100) -88 fleet of Delta. So that argument of you is pointless as well.

So, before posting rubbish like this get your facts strait and stop whining.

You get an aircraft that will simulate all the systems, has failurs etc. and costs as much or less as the competition. Also our hobby is a niche and this plane is a niche in a niche. But to simulate it in that level detail required the same amount of man hours than a NGX.

I allready regret to have written all of this because I know you are type that just complains but has no clue.

BTW: Have you ever bought any Aerosoft AES credits? Because that is a rip off (or the CRJ / TFDI 717 for that matter). Just to set the scale here.

Dude, at least do you know a bit of maths, economy and currency? I mean, based on what you’ve just said, you don’t…

FSL A320 for 140€? Where? In the P3d version it costs 140, yeah, but is not euros, it’s american dollares! The current USD to euro currency is 1$=0,81€… It means that the cost is more or less 113€… Of course they can price this way, because the airbus is a modern aircraft, there are a huge market of wanna be rea life pilots who finnish their CPL/frozen ATPL and start A320 type ratings with line training packages, so that’s why they feel free to increase the prices this way… The complexity os the A320 is quite big when compared to Md-80’s, 737’s, etc..

In the case of PMDG you have the fsx 737 ngx being priced at 69$ which is 55€… And the 737 is an aircraft that is still being produced nowadays…

Look at the american market… If you convert the 60€ and the 80€ to dollares, how much are they going to pay? Near 100$…

You talk about TFDI, but it doesn’t cost 60€… It costs 49€!!! And it has a complete package that includes 32 bit and 64 bit sims!

but pmdg is basically boeing’s R&D department according to the zealots. Therefore they can ask 500$ per livery and people will gladly pay it. also, pmdg has to cover up for all the piracy losses (hey their excuse, straight from rs’s mouth). you do not talk about pmdg’s pricing. ever. pmdg is the best thing ever. if you don’t pay, you are a pirate and kyle will talk badly to you on the forums (which they own, because pmdg also owns avsim in addition to boeing)