FlythemaddogX MD Series Significant Update Released

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Whilst it was released a few years back, the Leonardo Softhouse team continue to provide extensive updates to their FlythemaddogX MD series of aircraft. The last update saw the introduction of failures, PBR on the exterior and icing effects, back in December 2018. Today, a new update, 1.4b410 Open Beta , has been released which is rather significant and adds a range of new and exciting features to the product.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the new ACARS system. The ACARS system will allow you to hook into various components such as weather from Active Sky, OFPs and messages from PFPX and messages from maintenance with the new random failures module. The ACARS will show you messages, which means you don’t have to dip and dive between software to get updates.

In addition to that, PBR has now been applied to the virtual cockpit. Many parts of the cockpit now carry accurate textures which now use the new PBR material technique. This is completely optional and can be adjusted to your pleasure. In terms of the exterior model, the aircraft contains clickspots which will enable you to interact with various areas such as the engine cowling and also the nose cone.


Other fixes and changes include improved LOC/ILS CAP logic, fixed magnetic wind component calculations, improved the autoflare and also increased the cabin light brightness.

The full list of changes and additions can be found below. We have been informed by Leonardo Softhouse that it is highly recommended that you read the supporting ‘WhatsNew’ documentation. You can download a copy here.

You can find the installers over on the forums.

If you don’t already own these aircraft, you can pick up the base packs from simMarket for €72.00 (64bit version) and €57.00 (32bit version).

Leonardo Softhouse also won “Runner Up” in our Community Choice awards.

When the original base pack came out, we absolutely loved it and gave it 9.5/10. It’s gone on to be an even better aircraft since that review.

– several bug fixes and systems logic improvements;
– fixed FMS altitudes/levels not displayed correctly with reference to transition altitude (DEP procedures) / transition level (ARR procedures);
– improved LOC/ILS CAP logic;
– fixed wrong magnetic wind component calculations;
– gear horn off button can now be held in the ‘pushed’ position (to force horn off);
– changed APU start switch logic: now it must be held a few seconds in START position to start APU (until APU STARTER ON blue light in EOAP lits);
– added few kts to ECON CLB SPD schedule;
– improved autoland flare;
– fine tuting;
– single livery installers to reduce download size (additional liveries available via our forums);
– MD-82 MDG Maddog, MD-83 AAL Tulsa and MD-88 DAL default PBR liveries revision;
– increased cabin lights brightness;
– PBR fine tuning;
– User Manual and Quick Guide revision.

– added ACARS system;
– new single-livery installers: to reduce download size, now only one livery per airframe has been included;
– added EPR SEL option for TRP;
– exposure of custom XPNDR lvars for IVAP XPNDR sync via LUA scripting in FSUIPC;
– added option in maddogx.ini to connect to ActiveSky through local network;
– added optional PBR to VC.
– added hotspots in external view to operate pax/cargo doors, radome, cockpit windows, engine covers and gear doors.
– if using PFPX/Simbrief, fuel/route planning page can be disabled to import all data via OFP directly;
– added connection to panel (if sim running), used to automatically sync new saved weights/load settings;
– added preview thumbnail of the selected livery in Liveries Manager;
– added Operetional Bullettins AOM Vol 2, Annex 1.

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