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FlythemaddogX Open Beta 1.2b264 Released

2018 4 10 13 45 28 615

Developer Leonardo has released another beta for their FlythemaddogX MD-82. Beta 1.2b264 adds a few minor fixes, including minor panel changes, and memory optimization which helps avoid CTD’s in low memory conditions.

Earlier this year, the developer asked users if they would prefer smaller, more frequent updates to the aircraft or if they wanted to wait longer for larger updates. The community opted for smaller, more frequent updates and Leonardo has definitely delivered, by starting an open beta which delivers frequent updates.

The update can be downloaded directly from the MaddogX forums. Users are reminded to make sure they have 1.1.0/1.2b260 installed before updating to the latest open beta. Users will also be required to re-add their liveries to the aircraft.cfg file after the update and to start the load manager at least once before flying.



  • FDE: tuned single-engine in-flight performances.
  • PANEL: various bug fixes.
  • PANEL: improved memory management to avoid CTD in low memory conditions.
  • PANEL: chrono and DME display backlight tied to panel knob.
  • PANEL: repeating GSCM entries in DFDR file.


  • FMS: selecting a new altitude in the MCP within +-4000ft of CRZ alt will copy altitude in scratchpad.
  • PANEL: new ESDP display font.
  • PANEL: changed DME display to the ‘LCD’ type.
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